Leo 2019 Horoscope

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You did struggle with the negative aspects of your ego, especially if your birth is from July 23rd to August 12th. This cycle, marked by Pluto's square to the Sun, intensified the search for Self and brought purging.

Now that you've begun a new direction, you are meeting the challenges of staying aware of change and keeping on top of your responsibilities. This requires organization and attention to the needs of those around you. You may be more involved in service, either through your work or in your personal life. Becoming more aware of your physical health and the way you deal with stress is very important in 2019.

Jupiter enters Leo in August of 2019, setting the stage for greater expansion and increased recognition. This can be a real boost. Or you can allow yourself to become excessively extravagant, causing needless burdens later on. If you were born from July 22 to August 7th, you're most strongly influenced by this Jupiter cycle. If your birthday occurs July 28th to August 3rd, you may be experiencing an underlying restlessness while Uranus agitates your Sun during 2019. You can use this productively if you remain free of the outworn. You also have a tremendous doorway to increased creative expression during this cycle.

If your birthday occurs August 3rd through the 9th, you'll find 2019 a bit confusing. Neptune forms an irritating quincunx to your Sun, bringing a sense of alternating vagueness and clarity about who you are. You may be feeling overly anxious, imagining all sorts of dire possibilities. Because the imagination is sensitized now, use it constructively with such techniques as creative visualization and subliminal suggestion to help you move into expanded awareness. You are opening to a strong experience of Divine Compassion and need a way to direct this energy.

Those of you born August 7th-20th experience the most intense confrontations during 2019. Pluto squares your Sun, offering the possibility of complete transformation and renewal. Saturn also contacts your Sun through quincunx. Not only are the responsibilities great, but you may have to do a lot of reorganizing of your life plan to accomplish what you need to do. What do you feel at the core of your being? Are you really allowing yourself to be creative, or are you destructive? Both Saturn and Pluto bring endings, but you are also laying a new foundation. Think of your life as a structure under construction. You first eliminate factors that would undermine the structure so it will remain strong. Where are you blocked? How do you perceive yourself now? Can you allow yourself to be reborn? You are constantly creative and will find ways to use this time to improve your life.

Like the diamond which requires time and pressure to crystallize, you are also becoming clear about who you are. Using clear quartz crystals in your meditations or wearing quartz can be beneficial now. Program your crystals, envisioning wholeness, integrity and strength. If you have diamonds, they can also be a source of strength.

You may prefer larger challenges to small victories, thereby experiencing intense stress. Stress can be used constructively, but you also need to stay aware of the times you feel overwhelmed and find a way to release that tension. Deep massage helps. Physical exertion and aerobic conditioning are also important to strengthen your heart. The Sun always recharges you, so take advantage of this natural resource.

Your visualizations need to confirm your sense of Divine Protection and your connection with your Higher Self. When meditating or visualizing, ask to connect with your inner guide. You might also consider the meaning of dragons. How do you deal with yours?

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