Leo 2018 Horoscope

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By embracing the challenge to honor your priorities while incorporating innovations and adapting to change, you’re seeing true progress. The rewards for your efforts can be quite tangible—from improvements in finances to recognition and advancement in your professional endeavors. To shoulder your responsibilities, you’re also letting go of the things that no longer fit into your life.

The expansive energy of Jupiter highlights your reputation and honor and leads to a cycle that indicates that you’re becoming quite familiar with the spiritual laws of abundance. You’re in a position to share much of what you’ve learned, while at the same time your influence allows you to enter thresholds that lead to improvements in your own understanding and expertise. Through the end of June, Jupiter travels through your solar Tenth House, increasing your ambition and the drive necessary to accomplish those aims. The things you do professionally can have a lasting effect upon your success, and if you wear your accomplishments well, you’ll endear the right kind of support. However, too much ego or pride during this cycle can damage your reputation and lead to unnecessary competition later on. From July through the end of the year 2018, Jupiter’s energy highlights your hopes, goals, and friendships. From professional associations to personal ties, the value of your friendships cannot be understated, and by showing your appreciation, these connections grow stronger.

Saturn’s cycle completes its transit through your solar Tenth House, and this influence presents the challenge of maintaining your priorities as you continue toward the realization of your long- range ambitions. You may gain greater recognition during this period, but with that recognition comes more responsibility. Even your expertise, which is likely to increase, can become a challenge, as you work even more diligently toward your personal goals of creating a true standard of excellence.

The travels of Uranus bring awakening to your relationships, and your ideas about your place in society can undergo significant changes. This cycle takes time to fully manifest, but the effects of the changes are usually apparent for quite some time. The very slow- moving transit of Neptune continues through your solar Seventh House, marking a time of forgiveness and a desire to contribute something intangible to the world. Pluto’s transit continues to emphasize your creative drive, and you’re feeling comfortable breaking through barriers in order to express the depths of your talents.

There are four solar eclipses during the year 2018. It’s unusual to experience this number of eclipses in one year, and the indicators of these celestial events mark a greater opportunity for humanity to experience awakening through crisis. Getting in touch with your deepest yearnings may be easier this year, since the eclipses of the Sun and Moon emphasize the Leo/Aquarius axis, strengthening your awareness of Leo potentials and needs. You may also become more aware of your mind/body link, and can become more dedicated to taking care of your health so that you have the energy necessary to fulfill those creative drives.

2018 Horoscope


Leo 2018 Horoscope
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