Libra 2018 Horoscope

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While you may be eager to throw caution to the wind, you’re experiencing the value of persistent, patient efforts directed toward your true goals. On the extraordinary side of things, you’re filled with ideas and open to expressions that take you further toward personal realization than you may have dreamed possible. By allowing your creativity to emerge in full force, you can change the entire course of your life, although you’re realizing that it could mean more work than you anticipated. Some things are worth it!

Jupiter’s expansive power emphasizes your connections to others from January through June. During this period, you may find that others are more generous and that you’re gaining a new appreciation for your relationships. This can be an exceptional time of healing and rebirth, lifting hopes that help you move beyond the obstacles in your path. Take care to avoid accumulating unnecessary debts during this cycle, since they could hang on longer than you anticipate.

In July, you’re feeling a stimulus to open to new horizons. Throughout the second half of the year 2018, you’re thinking about the future and may be moving as fast as you can to get there. Travel, publishing, or broadcasting can have exceptional effects on your life, and you may also become more involved in academic pursuits. Setting limits can be extremely difficult during this time, and if you push too far beyond your limitations, you could inhibit your ability to fully enjoy the growth promised by making prudent choices.

The disciplined, clarifying energy of Saturn turns its focus on your need to eliminate unnecessary attachments, old fears, and mistrust in favor of healing. In the process, you’re likely to confront those skeletons in your closet. The funny thing about them is that they take up usable space! By consciously eliminating the psychological blocks standing in the way of your happiness, your relationships and entire life experience take on a new light.

Uranus and Neptune highlight the sectors of your life that involve your creative self-expression, and these energies may stimulate you to invite evolutionary qualities of love and loving while also altering your tastes. Things you may never have considered to be beautiful or valuable can capture your attention. It’s also possible that you’ve never even looked into these dimensions because you’ve not had the time, inclination, or opportunity. Pluto’s energy of transformation trains its intensity on the way you think. You’re seeing profound implications of your thoughts and mind processes. Not only can this be an amazing time to develop your intellect, but your consciousness itself is undergoing breakthroughs.

There are four solar eclipses during the year 2018. This phenomenon occurs about every twenty years, usually marking a period of more intensified crisis. On a personal level, crisis frequently accompanies profound growth, but there can be difficulty associated with what you would perceive as a life passage of some sort. The emphasis of the eclipse cycles centers around your feelings about your life work, and many of the changes you’re prompted to make may stem from this concern. Vocation, calling, life work—these terms reflect a bond between your inner purpose and the opportunities in the outside world.

Allowing the love that flows from the core of your being into your artistry and your career path to direct your choices and life course can be difficult if Libra resist the process or try too hard to control it. Flowing with changes, using your characteristic grace, you can enjoy a sense of reassurance and hope.

2018 Horoscope


Libra 2018 Horoscope
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