March 2017 Horoscope

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March 2017 will favour new beginnings and at the same time, situations that are coming to the end of their course. In fact, great changes will be imminent in our personal lives, as a result of the transits of Mercury, Mars and Venus, who will be starting a new course round the zodiac.

This configuration will create circumstances that are very favourable for changing tack completely and moving from theory to practice. Changes of a legal nature will be very contrasting and make a clear difference between what went before and what will come after. This will be the time to take action, if you want to make radical changes to your life. Jupiter in opposition to Venus, who will be moving retrograde throughout the month, and Mars during the first ten days of March will encourage official decisions, decisive break-ups or clear partnerships, but there will be no half-measures. The transit of Saturn in trine aspect to the Sun from 21st March will herald a regenerative climate, which will demand a great deal of clear thinking.

2017 Horoscope


March 2017 Horoscope
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