Pisces 2018 Horoscope

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While unraveling your attachment to the things from the past that are no longer part of your life, you’re also strengthening your understanding, skills, and abilities to communicate your vision for the future during this first year of the century. By forging a strong network with those who understand your ideals and whose aims support your own, you may feel less isolated in your attempts to make a difference in the quality of life.
You’re feeling the expansive influence of Jupiter in the arenas of enhanced communication and a broadening of your security base.
From January through July, Jupiter’s stimulus prompts you to develop your skills and connect with others whose resources and talents compliment your own. You’ve always been community-minded, and now, by developing a support network, you may feel that you are not alone in your attempts to accomplish your aims. After July, Jupiter’s influence highlights your need for personal space and a more significant link to home and family. You may be feeling inclined to move, renovate, or make changes in your personal environment that give you a sense of space.
With more breathing room, you may also feel open to inviting others into your life, and your family may grow larger this year! It’s important to avoid over-obligating your time and resources, however, since increasing your burden can happen before you know it, and it’s rarely a good idea to carry another’s load unless they are simply incapable of the task.
Saturn’s energy of clarity, discipline, and focus brings your attention to the need to strengthen your communication expertise and build your database. It’s a good time to be in school, studying under the guidance of a mentor or master, or devoting more energy to refining your abilities and understanding in your chosen field. You may also be more aware of your shortcomings and realize that these will only serve as limitations if you fail to take the responsibility of dealing with them in some way.
The slow-moving cycle of Pluto continues to influence transformation of your life path, and the alterations you make to your career or basic lifestyle now can have far-reaching consequences. Challenged to eliminate choices that are not in harmony with your true needs can help you move beyond situations that are inhibiting or where you’ve denied yourself. Uranus and Neptune also take a long while in their effects, and the impact of these influences is likely to be felt as a kind of spiritual awakening, bringing you in touch with your deeper truth and helping you release the things from your past that are no longer part of your life.
During the year 2018, there are four solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses. With the impact of four eclipses, there are likely to be more crisis-oriented periods on the planet. From a personal level, it’s important to understand the underlying influence behind these eclipses emphasized by the cycle of the Moon’s nodes. The transit of the nodes brings your attention to the flow of love through your heart and the manner in which you give and receive love.
While relationships are part of the test, the larger challenge may reside in whether or not you truly allow love to guide your actions and thoughts, whether expressed to a person or through your creativity. The specific impact of each eclipse will be explained in your monthly forecast section that follows.

2018 Horoscope


Pisces 2018 Horoscope
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