Pisces 2019 Horoscope

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The long-term cycles occurring throughout the last years were often disconcerting for you. With the seven-year Uranus transit squaring your Sun sign, old patterns were broken and you began a new direction. This cycle may have felt like you'd been jolted out of sleep. You may have felt that you were experiencing a personal revolution.

There were periods of confusion in the early part of the decade for Pisceans born March 10th-20th. Your natural sensitivity was increased, and you may have been absorbing emotional energy from others in your environment. But in many ways, you felt that you could freely express your truest Self and could have channeled your energy into highly creative or artistic pursuits.

If you were born February 20th-March 7th, Pluto's transit in Scorpio has already made its trine to your Sun. This was an empowering period, especially in terms of personal creativity. However, you may not have felt that you wanted to do much with this energy until five years ago. Then, it was time to act and allow your mask to fall away.

2019 is a superb year for you. You're more inclined to focus your energy and enjoy real accomplishment. The power trio of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn supports your Sun sign as long as you are willing to add some structure to your life. Jupiter's transit through Cancer is in a favorable aspect to your Sun, helping you express a stronger sense of personal confidence. You can also feel a bit lazy with this cycle, but if you're willing to open some doors, you'll find yourself on a rewarding path.

This cycle continues January through August.

Uranus' awakening energy brings illumination and free expression if your birth occurred from February 24th-March 1st. Rather than the tension you felt during the the last years about being free, now you readily show your real Self. If you've been wanting to move into a new position in your career, 2019 can be the year the doors open wide. You can capitalize on your uniqueness rather than feeling out of place. In relationships, this cycle supports your need for space without leaving you with a sense of abandonment. If you're working on some behavioral changes, this is a good time to break the victim/rescuer cycle.

Your dreams, imagination and creative inspiration are all favored by Neptune's cycle if your birthday occurs from March lst-6th. In your career, you have a stronger sense of what will and will not work. Your sensitivity can finally work for you! Spiritually, this period can be uplifting, helping you transcend and bringing an experience of bliss. Surrendering to your Higher Self may be the only thing that feels harmonious to you.

If your birthday falls between March 3rd and the llth, you are experiencing a positive integration with the Divine Feminine. This is a period of opening, allowing yourself to be empowered by all that you are, strengthened by Divine Power. Endings may be easier now, more like shedding an old skin than pulling teeth. How can you use the intensity of this period to be more aware? In what ways can you be a catalyst for change in the world?

Those born March 6th-18th may feel like creating more definition, whether personally or professionally. Saturn's cycle stabilizes your sense of identity. This is an excellent period to lay foundations and make long-range plans. It's easier to make commitments because you feel more clear about where your life is heading. You are feeling more responsible for all your life situations and can take some very important steps toward success.

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