Sagittarius 2018 Horoscope

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You’re filled with optimism and inspiration about stepping onto new paths and exercising your originality and independence. There’s definitely work to do, and your diligence about fulfilling obligations or obtaining necessary credentials can carry you a long way toward accomplishing your aims. While partnerships or associations with others can offer exceptional benefits, you may struggle with your personal desires to feel unfettered.

Jupiter, your planetary ruler, is transiting in the signs Taurus and Gemini this year, enhancing your desires to make improvements and take the steps that will allow you to feel integrated into society in a meaningful way. This does not mean that you’re giving up your individuality; in fact, it is your uniqueness that will attract significant opportunity.
From January through July, you’ll gain momentum by finding ways to work more cooperatively with others. Improvements to your health may also take precedence, and increasing your physical activity level can have amazing results. After July, Jupiter moves into your house of partnerships, and for the remainder of the year you may feel more inclined to work in tandem with others on important projects and issues. If you’re married, this cycle can bring improvements in your marriage, and if you’re looking for a mate, your choices may be better than they’ve been in the past!

Saturn’s transit emphasizes your need to take care of business, paying special attention to the details and responsibilities of the tasks associated with your work. Not only is your job demanding more of your time and energy, but if it’s the wrong job, you’ll find that it’s draining your vitality. Making adjustments that will allow you to move into a more fulfilling position can give you a new lease on life. Special attention to health may also be necessary.

The slower-moving cycles of Uranus and Neptune are accentuating your mental curiosity and desire to learn, but you may feel • drawn to explore extraordinary subjects that can expand your understanding in ways you’ve never entertained. Your imaginative ideas are also running in high gear, and although every brainstorm you experience may not be as brilliant in practice as it seems when your first think of it, you’re very likely to come up with some real gems of ideas. Pluto continues its cycle in your sign, marking a very long period of transformational change and ability to surrender to the processes of rebirth. The years in which Pluto is exactly conjunct your Sun are the most significant periods of this transit, and if this is your year, it will be noted in the paragraphs below, designated by birth day.

We’re experiencing four solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses during the year 2018. The exact influences of each eclipse will be defined in the monthly forecast sections that follow. The underlying influence of the eclipse cycles is shown by the transit of the Moon’s nodes, which are bringing your emphasis to deeper issues like emotional attachment, fears, inhibitions, and issues surrounding trust. The external changes in the world may trigger these emotionally sensitive areas for Sagittarius, and, in your personal life, the crisis points you’re experiencing may relate most significantly to the process and experience of true healing. Releasing old anxieties, dealing with the past by letting go of hurt, shame, guilt, or resentment, and moving toward a deeper understanding of your motivations, you’re given a chance to become whole.

2018 Horoscope


Sagittarius 2018 Horoscope
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