Scorpio 2018 Horoscope

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While your challenges during the year 2018 may come from relationships or outside changes, you’re experiencing a series of inner changes that are a result of personal awakening. You’re discovering the importance of eliminating unnecessary restraints to your self-expression, and may find that striking a delicate balance between freedom and responsibility holds the key to your success during this first year of the millennium.

The expansive energy of Jupiter ushers in new levels of support from your associations with others. From partnership or marriage to projects that involve multiple participants or investors, you’re seeing the importance of joining forces with others. While Jupiter highlights your house of partners and social connections from January through July, you can experience positive growth through strengthening your social circle. If you’re seeking a partner, it’s an excellent time to attract potential mates, and an existing partnership can accelerate. After July, Jupiter’s energy moves into an area of your chart that deals with healing, and you may finally get to the core of a physical or psychological problem or discover resources that can play a significant role as you continue your quest for wholeness. The temptation of this cycle is to spend beyond your resources or to jeopardize joint finances by being too indulgent, but the gift of this cycle is an awareness that you are attracting true abundance and prosperity. It’s the way you use it that’s important!

Saturn’s energy tests your social commitments and personal relationships, and you may be carrying greater responsibilities in these areas. Since Jupiter and Saturn are transiting in conjunction to one another for part of the year, you may find that your desire to expand is inhibited by those responsibilities. Saturn’s transit in the sign opposite of your own can bring a feeling of weightiness and an impatience with the slow-moving pace of true progress. However, the intensity of this cycle is strengthened when Saturn makes the exact opposition to your Sun.

The energies of Uranus and Neptune are influencing the personal security sector of your chart, and the changes you’re feeling in this area can be disruptive and unsettling. Knowing when to let go and when to forgive can enhance your ability to flow with the nature of these cycles. Pluto’s influence in your solar Second House of personal resources brings transformation to your values and attitudes toward money.

At a fundamental level, this cycle challenges you to make the most of all your resources, even the intangibles, and to eliminate waste and wasteful attitudes.
There are four solar eclipses during this year, something that happens only rarely every century. The emphasis of each solar eclipse and the two lunar eclipses will be outlined in the monthly forecast sections, but the underlying nature of these eclipses is defined by the transit of the Moon’s nodes. Striking a balance between your desire and need to explore higher-minded issues like spirituality or philosophy and the fundamental things you learned as a child can be an interesting dilemma. You may feel that your spirituality must take top priority in all Scorpio dealings this year, and that focus is certainly apparent in the cycle of the Moon’s North Node.

2018 Horoscope


Scorpio 2018 Horoscope
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