September 2016 Horoscope

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In September 2016, the climate will be ideal for pursuing your future plans in line with fundamental values and in consensus with the outside world, with the transit of Venus through the constellation of Libra in sextile aspect to Mars in the constellation of Sagittarius.

The retrograde movement of Mercury in Virgo until 22nd September will help all those who are ready to ask themselves fundamental questions and banish some of their illusions, even if that means devoting more time to this, in order to be able to start afresh and avoid making the same mistakes as in the past. The most practical aspects of life will be the foremost of many people's concerns in a variety of ways. The transit of Jupiter through the constellation of Libra will bring about major change, magnifying the transit of Venus and encouraging people collectively to develop greater awareness, especially from 10th to 23rd September. The Sun's transit through Libra will have an influence on Fire and Air signs, enabling them to gain in terms of self-asssertion and self-confidence.

2016 Horoscope

September 2016 Horoscope
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