Taurus 2016 Horoscope

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Taurus Yearly Horoscope For you the year 2016 looks promising regarding love, your house and properties. In the first part of the year, more precisely until August 2016, your family life and your relationships with your loved ones will be favored.

It is possible for you to consider moving into a bigger house, to think about building something, redecorating, renovating, etc. In 2016, real estate investments and the purchase of long-term use assets, especially patrimony assets, may occur. You will benefit from your family’s and your close relatives’ full support and your family will seem to blossom; you will live in an atmosphere of emotional security and a lot of optimism.

The decision of having a child may become a debated subject during this year and if you already have children, their presence in your life may become your main reason of joy and pride. Your personal relationship will enter a relaxation phase very soon after the beginning of the New Year. After approximately 2 years during which the connection between you and your life partner felt colder, more tense or under outside pressure, you manage to find each other and reach a tacit emotional balance. Your friendship relationships, but also your relationships at work or your business relationships seem to improve and you will even manage to close up some long term contracts with some of your collaborators. Some problems related to your work place will become more obvious this summer, up until September 2016, and that is why solving or clarifying them should be a priority.

On the 11th on August 2016, Jupiter is going to enter the House of Love, making to you a promise of twelve months full of passion and very emotionally and erotically rich. Regarding your career, in 2016 you might need to take some radical decisions, but you will have to do this with a lot of patience and tact. Regarding your health, some changes in your life’s rhythm are urgent and you would better start on an intense sports program because you need to exercise.

2016 Horoscope

Taurus 2016 Horoscope
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