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Thursday, 27 February: The number 9 completes the numerological cycle, so try to put things in order, or better yet, plan your future. The horoscope for today advises not to start a new job; most likely, the result will be deplorable. But it will be useful to complete all previously started projects. In the days after the new moon, a slight deterioration of health is possible: headaches, irritability. To stabilize the emotional state will help decoctions and infusions of valerian root. If you are experiencing difficulties in relationships, be prepared to make serious concessions in order to maintain peace in the family. The moon in Aries will give you the strength and courage to overcome a family crisis. Stars advise you not to stint feelings and emotions: the more you give, the more you get. Be creative, originality, do not be afraid to experiment — look boldly into the future.

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