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Sunday, May 31: The horoscope for today promises a rather stressful, but very productive day. The number of day 4 indicates the need to work hard for future well-being. Despite the difficulties and fatigue, do not transfer the solution of important issues to another time: you will succeed. In the waxing gibbous period of the moon should take care of your body. The condition of the skin and hair will improve markedly if you find time for cosmetic procedures. Good effect will give nourishing masks. In your personal life, be active, even a little daring, do not hide your interest in the opposite sex. The position of the Moon in Libra contributes to the rapid development of relations, therefore act boldly and decisively. Discard prejudices, forget about bad omens: trust your fate. If you do not know what to do in this or that situation, listen to your inner voice or seek advice from close people.

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