Aquarius Yesterday Horoscope

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Sunday, 19 January: The energy of the number 1 excites the mind, promotes the study of everything new. The horoscope for today promises Aquarius a surge of mental activity: ideas and plans will follow each other at the speed of light. Although you should not rush to the implementation of the conceived, if there is no clear understanding of the ultimate goal. The waning crescent period of the moon is the right time to give up bad habits. The body easily gets rid of all the excess, try to help him: adjust the diet, give up alcohol and cigarettes. In love with Aquarius, there may be a reason for jealousy: the Moon in Scorpio makes people more demanding and suspicious. If you cannot cope with your feelings and emotions, take a pause in the relationship. In any situation, do not give up, readiness for action is the key to your success. Much will depend on your mood, so feel free to go to meet your dreams despite all the difficulties and hardships.

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