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Wednesday, September 30: The energy of the number 3 has to fun and socializing, so enjoy life, do not stay up at home. The horoscope for today calls Aries to show more interest in everything that happens around. Do not shy away from people: you may be able to acquire profitable dating. The period of the waxing gibbous phase is associated with the renewal of the body, especially the liver, kidneys and the urogenital system. Help your body get rid of all the excess, do not overeat and drink more fluids. Some problems are possible in Aries’s personal life: The moon in Pisces increases suspiciousness and suspicion. You can lose a lot if you start blaming your partner for treason, take a waiting position. A very opportune moment to reflect on the rest. If you do not have the opportunity to go on a journey now, the stars promise quick changes. Chances are that the long-awaited trip will take place.

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