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Friday, 24 May: The number of day 5 promises all sorts of surprises and a quick change of events, so you should not be surprised at everything happening around. The horoscope today does not guarantee Aries’s stability and financial profit, but he predicts pleasant surprises and changes for the better. In the waning gibbous phase of the moon, the body needs good nutrition. However, try not to overeat: food that is poorly digested, can accumulate in the body in the form of slags. The position of the moon in Aquarius increases the craving for everything new, for changes in personal life. Keep yourself in hand, do not do stupid things. If you are not confident in your feelings, do not rush to confess, take a pause in the relationship. At leisure, think about how to change the situation. It is not necessary to go for vivid impressions to distant lands. Organize a trip to nature, stroll through the picturesque places or visit the museum.

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