Cancer Yesterday Horoscope

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Friday, 24 May: The energy of number 5 is conducive to communication and flirting, so you can hope for a pleasant acquaintance. However, the horoscope for today warns Cancers against thoughtless actions: you shouldn’t trust everyone you meet. The events of this day are so unpredictable that you can easily lose your head. During the waning gibbous, any procedures aimed at relieving inflammatory processes are helpful. If you are not satisfied with the condition of your skin, it’s time to turn to cosmetologists. For Cancers, family well-being is now in the first place, so it is important to fight temptations. The moon in Aquarius increases the attraction to the opposite sex: keep your feelings in check. Obviously, you should pay more attention to the signs and clues of fate. Even if nothing special happens in your life, it is worth preparing for possible changes, forethought is the key to success.

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