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Saturday, 20 July: The energy of the number 2 has to cooperate, so on this day any conflict situations are undesirable. The horoscope for today recommends Cancers to maintain patience and patience: no quarrels and scandals with colleagues and work partners. Otherwise, serious trouble can not be avoided. The waning gibbous phase of the moon is favorable for health procedures. The body can easily cope with the loads, the flexibility of the joints increases, so you can begin the treatment of old injuries. Now Cancers may have a lot of reasons to accuse others of indifference. The moon in Pisces makes people more vulnerable, tearful, try not to succumb to despondency. Perhaps you should not give in to provocations and give vent to your jealousy. A partner may tire you with whims and complaints, but keep yourself in hand — the situation will change soon.

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