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Wednesday, 20 November: The energy of the number 2 has to cooperate, so on this day any conflict situations are undesirable. The horoscope for today recommends Cancers to maintain patience and patience: no quarrels and scandals with colleagues and work partners. Otherwise, serious trouble can not be avoided. In the last quarter of the moon, any procedures aimed at treating and healing the body are effective. If you are plagued by chronic injuries or pains in the spine, go in for gymnastics. You should probably do your homework: the Moon in Virgo enhances the desire for stability and order. It is enough to devote a little time to cleaning the house so that it will shine with cleanliness. In terms of professional activity stars do not exclude the possibility of change. If you receive an offer to attend training courses, do not rush to refuse. The bosses will appreciate your enthusiasm, so do not be lazy.

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