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Wednesday, 20 November: The horoscope for today advises Gemini to be tactful and gentle in dealing with people. The energy of number 2 is conducive to networking, so do not miss the chance to find faithful allies. Most likely, you are waiting for new promising acquaintances, but do not forget about old friends. In the last quarter of the moon, the risk of injury due to carelessness increases. If you experience weakness, anxiety, or irritation, replace strength training with relaxation exercises. Do not be surprised that your personal life does not give rest to the envious. The moon in Virgo gives seriousness, practicality, so now you are an exemplary family man, fully focused on close people. Ahead of you are waiting for pleasant surprises: a romantic trip, interesting meetings, successful shopping. You can count on the generosity of friends and fans, allow yourself to enjoy a pleasant stay.

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