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Monday, 16 September: The number of day 7 is associated with a contemplative mood, the desire to move away from the hustle and bustle. The horoscope for today offers Libra to try to find answers to all questions, turning to his subconscious. Perhaps daily chores and worries prevent you from focusing on the essentials. During the waning gibbous phase of the moon, skin regeneration processes are activated. A good effect will give cleansing procedures for the skin at home, but it is better to make an appointment with a beautician. In domestic terms, the life of Libra at this moment in time is quite successful. The moon in Aries makes people more organized and collected, so you will manage to settle all the economic issues. Do not cling to your past, trying to find all the answers there. Learn to live in the present, accept your destiny as it is. All that is done for the better.

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