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Saturday, June 6: The number of day 6 stands for home and kindred bonds, which is why problems of family relationships are so urgent now. The horoscope for today advises Libra to practice his diplomatic skills. Perhaps you have a serious conversation with a partner or domestic problems arise: keep calm. In the waning gibbous phase of the moon, skin cell renewal processes are particularly active. Do not forget to make a warm compress before the peeling procedure — so the skin will be cleared much easier. Now the family happiness of Libra depends only on themselves. The moon in Sagittarius gives people optimism, so do not focus on unpleasant moments, think only of the good. Talk to your heart if you do not know how best to proceed. Perhaps fate gives you the right clues, it remains only to be able to recognize them. Sometimes it is worth paying attention to signs and omens.

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