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Thursday, 27 February: The current date corresponds to the number 9, symbolizing the end of the numerological cycle. The horoscope for today advises Libra not to dismiss even small problems: in the future the situation will only get worse. Try to concentrate and deal with all your concerns. In the waxing crescent phase of the moon, you may experience irritation and dissatisfaction with your life. Try to get rid of unnecessary experiences: focus on the pleasant moments, look for joy in the little things. In domestic terms, the life of Libra at this moment in time is quite successful. The moon in Aries makes people more organized and collected, so you will manage to settle all the economic issues. Perhaps you should pay attention to your surroundings. You probably stayed in one place, although you deserve more. Expand the circle of acquaintances, learn from the experience — everything is in your hands.

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