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Wednesday, October 21: The number of day 3 enhances leadership skills, therefore you will not encounter serious obstacles on the way to success. The horoscope for today offers Libra to start promoting their projects and ideas: universal attention is guaranteed. Most likely, your suggestions will be met more than kindly. In the waxing crescent period of the moon, it is useful to carry out procedures that improve skin tone and nourish it with moisture. Good effect will give a bath with the addition of sea salt or essential oils. Family Libra will manage to achieve harmony in relationships: the Moon in Capricorn increases the feeling of affection. Come up with a common lesson that can unite all family members. Now you better not interfere in the natural course of events. Ahead of a very troublesome time, so it makes sense to refrain from initiatives. Readiness for action is the key to a successful future.

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