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Friday, 24 May: The number of day 5 promises a lot of adventure, even if you do not need a thrill. The horoscope for today reminds Libra that events can evolve in an unpredictable scenario. Therefore, leave any hope to somehow affect what is happening, just swim along the flow of life. The period of the waning gibbous is favorable for any operations, including plastic ones. Plan a visit to the beautician, perhaps you will stop at the salon procedures for face and body care. Now Libra can open with a new side: the Moon in Aquarius gives people a rich imagination. Do not be afraid to express yourself, for example, engage in writing memoirs or sign up for diving courses. When making decisions, be guided by your desires. A little recklessness will definitely not hurt you, stop controlling everything around you, allow yourself to relax a little.

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