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Wednesday, 20 November: Energy number 2 does not have to rush, even if we are talking about matters of special importance. The horoscope for today does not see serious troubles that could complicate the life of Libra. Most likely, you will not have to exhaust yourself with excessive loads, but you will be able to get some rest and recuperate. The last quarter of the moon is a difficult period: the body has to cope with increased loads. Relieve a relaxing bath with herbal decoctions to relieve nervous tension. The position of the moon in Virgo enhances such qualities as restraint and prudence. Now Libra should be especially attentive to children. Communicate more on a variety of topics — you will be heard and understood. Stars promise a long-awaited meeting with people dear to your heart. Think about how best to receive guests, make a menu, do a spring-cleaning. Take a break from all things and have fun.

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