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Tuesday, 21 January: Energy number 3 attracts people’s attention, has to communicate. The horoscope for today advises shy and timid Pisces to bring some play and coquetry into their lives. Do not miss the chance to become famous: be active and active — this will help you to become the soul of the company. The period of the waning crescent is the renewal of the cells of the body, pain is more easily tolerated. Therefore, any procedures aimed at eliminating the effects of chronic injuries and fractures are useful. Now you can fully trust your fantasies: The moon in Sagittarius has a positive effect on the work of the imagination. Arrange yourself and your loved ones a small holiday: sign up with your whole family for a creative workshop. Look around, appreciate the interior, perhaps it should be updated. Be creative, use bright colors and rich colors — it’s time to update.

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