Pisces Yesterday Horoscope

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Friday, 24 May: The energy of number 5 promises changes in all spheres of life, with the sharp and the most unpredictable. Pisces horoscope today advises to be ready for any surprises. Most likely, you will not be able to influence the course of events, so try to adjust to the circumstances. During the waning gibbous, any procedures aimed at relieving inflammatory processes are helpful. If you are not satisfied with the condition of your skin, it’s time to turn to cosmetologists. Under the influence of the moon in Aquarius, you can find true love, if, of course, you submit to fate. Do not refuse any date invitation, be nice and friendly with new friends — happiness will smile at you. Unexpectedly, you can be in the center of the scandal, if you ignore the voice of reason. Do not react to provocations, avoid gossip, defend your truth to the last.

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