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Saturday, July 11: The number of day 2 indicates successful collaboration in all areas of life. The horoscope for today advises Sagittarius to listen more to the wishes of others than to insist on their opinion. Try to achieve mutual understanding with colleagues: actively consult with them on all issues. The period of the waning gibbous is favorable for procedures aimed at improving the condition of the skin and for hair restoration. Good effect will be given by any nutritious face packs and hair. Under the influence of the moon in Aries, the sense of danger is dulled, the tendency to adventures increases. Lovers of Sagittarius should abandon the original methods of courtship in favor of standard signs of attention. Ahead of a surge of creative activity, if your profession is not connected with art and culture, take up a creative hobby. You need an emotional shake, do not be afraid to meet your dreams.

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