Sagittarius Yesterday Horoscope

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Tuesday, 21 January: Energy number 3 will help you change for the better. The horoscope for today advises Sagittarius to reconsider their views on life. Probably, you underestimate yourself, and maybe you are not interested in success: start thinking positively — life will play with bright colors. The period of the waning crescent is the renewal of the cells of the body, pain is more easily tolerated. Therefore, any procedures aimed at eliminating the effects of chronic injuries and fractures are useful. If you have a passion for travel, do not miss the chance to bring all your ideas to life. The moon in Sagittarius increases the craving for changing places, so now you can surrender to your favorite pastime with all your soul. In the near future you will face the efforts associated with the arrangement of housing. Stars do not promise dramatic changes, most likely, you do not change their place of residence, repair or repair the apartment.

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