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Monday, 11 November: The horoscope for today calls Sagittarius to reduce its business activity. The energy of the number 2 is such that you should not take any decisive action on this day. Now is not the best time for business initiatives: the likelihood of concluding an agreement on unfavorable conditions is high. In the waxing gibbous period of the moon it is useful to engage in the prevention of many diseases. Decide which option is most appropriate for you: water treatments, massage, therapeutic exercises. Now Sagittarius can think extremely soberly and rationally: the Moon in Taurus increases interest in everything earthly. Take time to discuss his concerns with your child; you can reach a common understanding. The best for you now is a feeling of confidence in the future. If you cannot boast a stable position, try to find a foothold and continue to work: the future is not certain.

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