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Tuesday, 21 January: On a day under the influence of number 3, communication will be abundant. Scorpios horoscope for today promises a pleasant acquaintance and unexpected meetings. Try as much as possible to dispose of their natural data, joke more, laugh — smile for you to face. In the waning crescent period of the moon any cleansing procedures, removal of slags and stones are especially effective. Consult a nutritionist for advice, his recommendations will help you lose weight without harm to health. Most likely, you will be able to make an indelible impression on others. The moon in Sagittarius contributes to the bright manifestation of feelings and emotions, so be original in each of its actions. Show interest in everything new, do not hesitate to apply the experience gained in practice. Even if there is no need for change, indulge your own pride — start looking for a new job.

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