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Monday, 11 November: The energy of the number 2 gives warmth, peace and tranquility, so this day is good for cooperation and family relationships. The horoscope for today does not see obstacles that Scorpios could not overcome, but advises not to aggravate relations with others. Otherwise, conflicts are inevitable. In the waxing gibbous phase of the moon, the energy potential of the organism increases, metabolic processes accelerate. Therefore, do not limit yourself to the consumption of high-calorie foods, but do not forget about sports. Now Scorpios are excellent at homework: The moon in Taurus gives people a practical mindset, a desire for comfort and coziness. Get organized in your belongings, prepare a delicious dinner. Tame your hot temperament, think only of the good. Now there is no need to stir up past insults, you can lose a lot if you show character: all the best should happen by itself.

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