Scorpio Yesterday Horoscope

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Friday, January 22: The number of day 4 indicates a reasonable and serious approach to life. The horoscope today offers Scorpios to reduce their business activity, and even better — to rest. Spend a day in a relaxed atmosphere, do not pursue quick success — this is not the most important thing in life. The waxing gibbous period is favorable for various cosmetic procedures. Especially effective are wraps and baths with essential oils, nourishing face masks and hair. Now Scorpios should be engaged in the aesthetic education of children: the Moon in Taurus creates interest in everything beautiful. Visit a museum or exhibition hall, try to instill in your child a love of art. Circumstances favor the fulfillment of your desires. However, do not rush to dramatically change your life, it is likely that soon you will abandon the previously conceived plans.

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