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Saturday, July 4: The number of day 4 indicates a high performance, the ability to overcome difficulties. The horoscope for today recommends Taurus not to chase easy success and quick profits. You will have to rely only on your own strength, do not expect to receive support and help from outside. The phase of the waxing gibbous is favorable for any undertakings aimed at improving health. To begin, develop a training plan based on the level of your physical fitness. If you are unhappy with your family life, do not rush to put a cross on it. The moon in Capricorn sharpens a sense of duty and responsibility, so pay more attention to your partner, indulge all his whims. Do not delay the resolution of issues related to the repair and improvement of the home. Household chores and worries will not take much time and effort, but how much joy will bring the results of your work.

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