Taurus Yesterday Horoscope

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Monday, April 12: Energy number 3 has to stormy and vigorous activity. The horoscope for today advises conservative Taurus to at least slightly diversify their lives. Do not be afraid to try something new, trust your intuition and destiny: even a minor event can change your whole life. On the new moon, sensitive people should refrain from experimenting with their health. No unconventional methods: only soothing herbal teas and a relaxing massage. The position of the moon in Taurus promises harmony in love relationships. Make this evening a family-friendly and cozy: clean up the house, cook a delicious dinner, light candles. It is possible that you will receive news from the past. No matter how your life develops, it is always useful to turn to the affairs of bygone days — these are not only memories, but also invaluable experience.

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