January Birthstone

For those born in the month of January, the gemstone is Garnet. Hindu religion will also recognize the serpent stone for this month, but for modern, Western society, the garnet is most familiar. Most people recognize this precious stone as a deep, almost blood red crystal. However, garnets can be found in brown, black, orange, pink, green, and yellow. With some more rare ones found with no color, though blues tend to be the most rare.

The Latin word “granatus”, meaning grain or seed, might make one think about the seeds of the pomegranate fruit. According to Greek mythology, Hades, god of the underworld, gifted Persephone a pomegranate before she returned to the earth to visit her mother, Demeter. As she had been a kidnapped goddess forced to be his queen, the gift of this fruit ensured that she would return to him safely after four months time. It is believed that the gemstones for each month aligns with the season, our spiritual and mental energy, religion, magical powers.

Birthstone for January - Garnet

Garnet jewelry symbolizes many things: friendship, trust, and safe travels. References to the garnet gemstone date back to 3100 B.C., when ancient Egyptians used garnet stones as inlays in their jewelry. Thousands of years later, garnet is still in style. Known for its beautiful deep red hue, its name is derived from "granatum", meaning seed - because of how much it resembles the seed of a pomegranate, matching it in color.

Known to have the metaphysical properties of awareness, commitment, and insight it is no wonder that garnets may provide directional guidance making it ideal for frequent travelers. The January birthstone, Garnet symbolizes eternal friendship, faithfulness, truth and purity. Garnet is also to be believed to increase the wearer’s will power, energy levels and even their self-image. The Garnet is truly the precious “friend” amongst the birthstone gemstones.

Contrary to the cold weather of January, the birthstone Garnet is full of warmth and brightness. January babies are known to benefit from wearing Garnet. This deep burgundy birthstone brings friendship, sincerity and loyalty to the wearer. Those born in the month of January are known for loyalty and the love of teaching and being taught, all attributes that are important in regards to friendship.

The word “garnet” is derived from the Greek word “granatum” meaning pomegranate seed, reflecting the size and shape of the crystal. Garnets were beloved during the Victorian period, where they were used heavily in jewelry.

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