Taurus Birthstone

The birthstone for Taurus is the Emerald. The Zodiac sign of Taurus also responds to Sapphire, Garnet, Amber, Rose Quartz and Aventurine. The tradition of giving gifts of jewelry containing these stones dates back thousands of years. The gemstone, or birthstone Emerald is believed to conduct the energies of the planet Venus with which it is sympathetic and that wearing jewelry containing the gemstone will focus the energies of the planet and sign through the gem.

Taurus people are shrewd folk apt to be wealthy in life, and Taurus birthstone have been identified for centuries. These Taurus birthstones act as charm or lucky stone for Taurus, to strengthen the physically active person, as well as infuse emotional wellness into his earthy nature. Do you know the different lucky stones for Taurus? Here is a list of Taurus gemstones.

Birthstone for Taurus - Emerald

The Taurus is more attuned to products of the earth. This zodiac sign symbolises love and wisdom and hence emerald happens to be the favoured birthstone. It brings about the desired illumination of the mind when the function of wisdom is fulfilled or realized through the power of love.

In an ideal context the Taurean requires the help of their birthstone to transform their love of personal into that of a selfless service. The emerald helps in their spiritual awakening where their self-seeking transforms into selflessness. Since the people born under this zodiac sign have a tendency to possess, they gradually inculcate the ability to share. They experience peace, plenty and beauty.

Besides being mentioned as astrological birthstone for Taurus, emerald is a precious stone associated with Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, and is hence the planetary stone for Taurus. This Taurus birthstone is the green variety of beryl, which also occurs in yellow and red. The Taurus stone is said to bring emotional well-being, bestowing emotional strength to the stubbornly earthy nature of the Taurus zodiac sign.

Benefits of Emerald for Taurus

The properties of Emerald lie in alignment with the inherent nature of the Taurean and this makes it the preferred stone for this zodiac sign. The Taurus values relationships and is always loyal to the people that she or he considers to be a part of their life. Emerald enhances this faithful nature and helps the individual to make friends easily too. All these add up to positively impact their ability to relate and connect with people.

Emerald also helps in the improvement of the memory faculties and restores faith in work, relationships and overall life. This entails that there is a sort of spiritual impact that also brings about a certain degree of clairvoyance in to the character as well.

Healing Properties of Emerald

Certain health problems are common to the people born under the Taurus sign. Emerald can prove to be a great help in resolving those issues and keeping them under check. Some of them are related to:

  • Problems related to eyesight.
  • Headaches and spinal problems.
  • Apart from these, emerald greatly enhances the mental capabilities too.

Further the character and ability of the stone in regard to the circumstances of the wearer’s life also play a role in determining the conditions and status of that individual. Like every other gemstone, emerald can influence both positive and negative attributes of those who are born under the Taurus sign.


Besides being recognized as the main birthstone for Taurus, sapphire is also the traditional birthstone for April in the old Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Roman and Russian calendar, as well as the May birthstone in the mystical Tibetan calendar. This Taurus birthstone consists of varieties of corundum, which when red is called ruby.

Sapphire is believed to bring inner peace and spiritual enlightenment; hence, the Taurus stone enlivens the Taurus souls, who are inclined to focus on material pleasures and possessions. The Taurus gemstone is even thought to counteract depression.


Garnet is the talismanic birthstone for Taurus. Talismans are amulets or other pieces of jewelry believed to give its wearer magical powers. Taurus talisman is engraved on garnet. This Taurus birthstone consists of beautiful gemstones occurring in different colors, including red, green and yellow. The Taurus gemstone is believed to enhance strength and healing.


Amber has also been identified as main Taurus birthstone. This Taurus gemstone is not really a stone, but fossilized resin, which may be yellow or green. The Taurus stone is believed to enhance luck, as well as physical strength, helpful in supporting the Taurus’ person practical ventures. This gemstone for Taurus is also thought to bring success in matters of love and healing.

Rose Quartz

Another birthstone for Taurus both in Western and Hindu astrology is the rose quartz. This Taurus birthstone is the pink variety of quartz, ranging in color from pale pink to rose red. The Taurus stone is believed to heal mind and emotions, easing pain, anxiety and fear. This Taurus gemstone is also thought to bring love, whether romantic, friendly or self-love.


Another stone associated with Venus, and hence planetary gemstone for Taurus, is aventurine. This Taurus birthstone is a variety of quartz characterized by a platy luster, and occurs commonly in green, though yellow and blue are also available. This particular Taurus stone, like the stones before it, is believed to bring emotional and spiritual healing. Possibly even more interesting to Taurus-born people, the Taurus gemstone is also believed to strengthen luck, and has been popularly used by gamblers.

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