Aquarius Dog

One of the main advantages of knowing an Aquarian Dog personality is their mastery of the art of listening. They acquire this ability in varying degrees from the Chinese astrological representation of the Dog in the 12 year ancient horoscopes. The affectionate and considerate character of these animals greatly compliments the friendly Aquarius personality. Ancient astrology in China depicted Dogs as being honest, very faithful, attentive and excellent companions. A person whose birthday lies in the Year of the Dog benefits from all these sought out qualities in their character composition.

Aquarius Dog Traits

The Aquarian Dog’s charisma and playful spirit is aplenty but he or she does have a serious and very responsible side to them. They are hard workers who take life a little too seriously at times and need to be coaxed into having some fun from time to time. Although they enjoy company they are at their most relaxed when among close family or friends. An Aquarian Dog is not generally a showy person so social events often prompt shyness. They do not really enjoy being in the spotlight and are considered the quietest and least demanding of Aquarians.

The sensible down to earth Chinese Dog imprint on the Aquarian independent rebellious nature molds into a balanced individual. These people born in 5 year durations are unpretentious in all their contacts with others. They find it extremely hard to lie as they consider not telling the truth as ethically wrong. The Aquarian Dog person has high moral standards that he will defend rigorously. Although they dislike confrontations they are willing to argue their case if they know they are right. They always feel better after getting their point across. This trait and their often over honesty can make them appear argumentitive but they do not strive to be so. The Aquarian Dog is a wonderful listener who will always be prepared to listen to all sides of any debate.

Relationships with the Aquarian Dog personality will be harmonious if those around them share their love of cleanliness. These Dog guided individuals can be quite obsessive about having their surroundings just as they like them. They like to know where things are and prefer spacious, clean and mostly functional habitats. Anyone thinking about an intimate relationship with an Aquarian Dog should ideally share their need for an organized home. This similar viewpoint will help these personalities feel settled and at ease evoking their most favorable characteristics.

If you treat an Aquarian Dog unfairly you will provoke their emotive temper revealing one of their weaknesses. They can be greatly hurt and may slip into depression if those they trust let them down. Although not usually outwardly emotional they take betrayals of loyalty really badly. Once they have experienced such an exhibition of disloyalty they often take a long time to recover. Like their animal in Chinese Astrology these affectionate, conscienctious and vey open and honest people expect to be treated the same as they treat others. The Aquarian in them reinforces the hate of any sort of injustice.

Aquarius Dog Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Aquarian Dogs eccentricity and big energy make them an attractive mate for many others who have the confidence to try to keep up with them. Members of this sign are loyal to a high degree, which sometimes causes conflicts when their sense of exploration and adventure kicks in. That’s not to say they are looking for new relationships, they just have a hard time staying still for long. Aquarian Dogs do best with mates who can accept their uniqueness and can trust them enough to let them be free to do what they feel necessary. That said, Aquarian Dogs have a hard time trusting others, and it takes a long time for them to feel truly comfortable and accepted. This is, perhaps, the biggest challenge for members of this sign. They require a great deal of trust from their mate, but have a hard time giving that trust back, despite their typically loyal nature. This is likely something that they will have to work on over their lifetime.

Aquarius Dog Business (Career & Goals)

The two key career attributes for Aquarian Dogs are their inquisitiveness and their humanitarian nature. For the first, a career as a scientist, researcher, or even inventor are all great roles for the Aquarian Dog. Spending a great deal of their day involved in an ever changing puzzle fulfills a great deal of this sign’s investigative nature. It’s best if the research is connected to a charitable or otherwise benevolent purpose, which is why many Aquarian Dogs choose specific careers that allow them to research cures for diseases or inventions that make people’s lives better.

The other side of the Aquarian Dog is their humanitarian side. Aquarian Dogs truly want to make the world a better place, and are often involved in roles that allow them to give of themselves, even if it means getting paid below what they know they are worth. Members of this sign are perfect for non-profit work, as social workers, and as political activists for the needy. The practical side may want to be a doctor or nurse, but the adventurous side would prefer if that doctor or nurse was working in a third-world country. As always, Aquarian Dogs have to find a balance that works for them, and should be cautious about being overly ideal, which can easily lead to burn out and disappointment.

Aquarius Dog Man

A strong-willed man of this combination of signs finds any ways to realize his dreams. He is a courageous innovator, an active man. Do not listen to the opinion of the majority, always acts in accordance with their desires. Lucky in business, happily avoids serious difficulties, is quite satisfied with his position and position in society. He is inquisitive and mobile, no power can keep him in place if he decided to abruptly change his life. Women are not able to influence the Aquarius-Dog man opinion. Easily gets new acquaintances, the truth as quickly stops communication. Settle the man of these signs can only force a strong feeling. The chosen one should share his hobbies, be a faithful friend and reliable partner.

Aquarius Dog Woman

The independent Aquarius-Dog woman is full of ideas and plans. There is no doubt that she will find the strength to achieve the desired result. However, she needs the help of the inner circle. Aspires to be in full view all her life, tries to prove her worth. This is a great original and an inventive, she is too fond of her own fantasies, so she is more suitable for the profession associated with creativity. A spectacular woman enjoys success with men, romances with pleasure, never sets a concrete goal — to marry. It is imposed on the will of fate, if it enters into marriage, rather under the influence of emotions, than deliberately. Over time, she becomes an exemplary housewife, a caring mother. To her children, she gives a lot in terms of development.

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