Aries Dog

Chinese Astrology symbolizes the Dog and all those people born in his year as being of honest, loyal, dependable and friendly character. If the person is also a Western Astrology sign of Aries then they usually acquire a generous share of the Dog’s honesty and frankness. An Aries Dog personality is believed to be immensely truthful and open but not at all blunt. They will tell you the truth about things but it will be in the nicest possible way. The Aries Dog hates to hurt the feelings of others but finds it very hard to lie, so he or she tends to be tactfully forthright instead.

Aries Dog Traits

The Aries Dog is a rather warm-hearted person who has a kind, caring nature but one that is not easily fooled. These personalities may appear soft and easy to manipulate but they are amazingly alert and perceptive. Many Aries Dog’s have an uncanny way of seeing through people who try to take advantage of their kindness and patience. They also seem to have an instinct for doing the right thing. These individual’s sometimes have what is known as a sixth sense that notifies them of people with bad intentions. They will normally be fairly skilled judges of character and avoid others who may not be as frank as them.

An Aries Dog picks his close friends carefully as he likes to be encircled by those he trusts and can rely on. These people prefer to have a few very good friends rather than lots of casual acquaintances. They can be a little shy and sometimes cautious and on edge when socializing as they are often not as self assured as other Aries personalities. An Aries Dog can be especially bashful when it comes to finding a soul mate. They will generally wait until others approach them to get to know them better rather than the other way around. Once teamed up they will be extremely devoted to their partners.

Natural curiosity steers the Aries Dog personality towards spending his spare time exploring and learning new things. They love to visit interesting places and expand their knowledge by studying or reading about subjects they are fascinated by. As gifts the Aries Dog will appreciate anything that will educate and entertain them. They like to have something constructive to do as they are not normally into sports or other physical activities as relaxation methods. These characters also have a love of music and often find this the most relaxing distraction of all.

Weaknesses in the Aries Dog persona tend to be focused on their intuitiveness, they can sometimes get things wrong. These people often rely heavily on their instincts to evaluate people, things and situations. Occasionally they can miss out on good friendships, genuine bargains and rare opportunities. They cannot help their inbuilt defences and on occasion may regret not trusting someone or something. As the Aries Dog is not prone to dwelling on the past his weakness does not direct him away from his forthrightness and optimistic view on life for long.

Aries Dog Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Aries Dogs can be challenging to get along with. They mean well and like to offer advice to anyone who will listen, but they are often too forceful socially and have a tendency to alienate others despite their good intentions.

The biggest challenge members of this sign will face is in the realm of romance. Aries Dogs are naturally dominant in their relationships, and need someone who can keep up with their active lifestyle. Their trust issues tend to show themselves most in close relationships, where they can be overly possessive. When this causes distance between them and their partners they flip out and blow things out of proportion.

Despite their social difficulties, they are actually very caring. They will aggressively defend both people and beliefs that they care for and have a strong sense of justice. Those who can understand their inner needs and tolerate their bark need not be afraid of their bite. At the end of the day, Aries Dogs just want to be showered with affection, and will not hesitate to show their loyalty in return.

Aries Dog Business (Career & Goals)

To be truly happy in their career, members of this sign must balance their sense of adventure with their inner humanitarian nature. Jobs where they can help others while living a bit dangerously suit them well. They also get restless easily, which is why careers as firefighters, EMTs, police officers, and para-rescue jumpers are perfect for them.

For Aries Dogs who don’t fit into these types of jobs, the role of a lawyer is a good fit. Members of this sign love to argue and win, especially if they are defending the underdog. Their deep desire to see justice served fits well into the legal field, from law enforcement officer to lawyer or even prison warden.

For some Aries Dogs, no “regular” job will be enough. They care more about living life than money or status. It’s not a common career choice, but it would be just like a Aries Dog to set off sailing around the world, becoming a mountain climber, or simply wandering off and seeing where life takes them.

Aries Dog Man

Aries-Dog is a strong-willed man, firmly following his convictions. Above all appreciate honesty, loyalty. He is betrayed not only to friends, family, the common cause, but primarily to his ideals. He is a brave fighter: there are no obstacles that he could not overcome in the name of justice. But such determination is manifested only in extreme cases, mostly the Aries-Dog man — a calm, even shy person. His benevolent attitude to surrounding people is just a courtesy, he carefully protects his life from prying eyes. There are only a few people whom he can trust, of course, a beloved woman is one of them. In love relationships seeking peace, not passions, he needs a reliable, faithful companion.

Aries Dog Woman

Contradictory nature of an Aries-Dog woman creates significant difficulties in her personal life. She strives to create a strong family, but does not want to sacrifice for her hobbies. This woman has a strong enough character, but does not always have a clear idea of ​​what kind of thing she likes more. She has many talents, tries to find her vocation, passionately wants to take place in the profession. Therefore, she tries to take the decision of all domestic problems on the partner. She will be happy with the man who will allow her to lead. Can be overly emotional, can not pretend and always says only what she thinks. But it does not need to be controlled: a sensual woman finds the strength to be honest with a partner, not a slope to flirt and treason.

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