Capricorn Dog

The Dog is extremely well known as man’s best friend for his well balanced, calm, sensible and affable nature. In Chinese Astrology the Dog is considered a symbol of moderation, and people born in their year are believed to gain much temperance to their personalities. When that individual is a Capricorn in Western Astrology this results in a very temperate and friendly personality. A Capricorn Dog is not as reserved as most Capricorn’s as they tend to be a little more open with their emotions. They are also slightly more considerate and sensitive to the feelings of others.

Capricorn Dog Traits

Capricorn Dog’s are intelligent and alert, they usually have their feet firmly on the ground, and they are quick and decisive. These personalities generally possess a quite positive and enthusiastic outlook but they can sometimes be hurt easily by the words of others. A Capricorn Dog does not like to be criticized and is prone to taking things too personally. They are mostly confident and collected but do not seem to have the same high level of ambition as many other Capricorn’s. They will work hard for a living and most will be happy with uncomplicated jobs that come with regular hours.

A Capricorn Dog is a homely person who will look after his or her interests first but will not be greedy. These individual’s do not really like money at all but they realize it is a necessary evil and are careful with it. The Capricorn Dog will often have a small amount put away for use in emergencies. They like to plan ahead and rarely get behind with bills and other financial commitments. These people have a natural sense of duty and will for the most part insist on sticking to rules and agreements. This makes them great friends and work mates with the potential to be excellent capable parents.

Abiding by laws and sticking to promises is a strong character trait of the Capricorn Dog personality. In relationships this emerges as an immensely strong capacity for loyalty and devotion. This is probably due to the honest faithful Dog influence rather than the Capricorn Goat’s usual detached emotions. A Capricorn Dog is fair, non critical, appreciative, attentive, affectionate and even tempered. This and their devoted personalities ensure that most relationships they have with others will be successful and long standing. They do not make promises easily and will do almost anything not to break them.

One thing is lacking in the Capricorn Dog personality that can be viewed as a weakness in their character’s. This is a sense of humor, it is exceptionally rare to discover a Capricorn Dog with any kind of wit. They do laugh at things but often it is only because everyone else is laughing. They find it difficult to see the humorous side of things especially when they are upset. If they find the right partners in life these Capricorn’s may develop a more comedic frame of mind. They well then find out how much it really helps in life.

Capricorn Dog Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Capricorn Dogs tend to be cautious and calculating when it comes to relationships. Unfortunately they don’t seem to understand that while this approach helps them succeed in achieving their personal goals, it doesn’t work particularly well in building successful relationships with others. Members of this sign have a hard time letting go of control and just having a good time. When they do, they are funny, caring, kind, and even a bit silly. That others get to occasionally see the softer side of the Capricorn Dog is how they end up having good friendships with the persistent individuals who are willing to work their way through the Boxer’s cautious exterior.

Love is important for members of this sign, and while the strong-hearted Capricorn Dog can be somewhat outgoing among friends, they tend to be quite a bit more anxious when it comes to romance. Capricorn Dogs have a lot of self-doubt and are very wary of rejection. They are used to being supportive, though, and this helps their cause quite a bit. Partners often wish that Capricorn Dogs could relax a bit more and be more trusting, yet members of this sign are also easily scarred by lost love and tend to have reasons for their cautiousness. Capricorn Dogs have to be careful not to become too controlling in their relationships, either passively or aggressively. This may be more of a challenge than they anticipate. Certain planetary aspects in each individual’s birth chart will have a strong effect on how relationships play out.

Capricorn Dog Business (Career & Goals)

Capricorn Dogs are very aware of how they are perceived, so career tends to matter quite a bit to them. A prestigious title or large salary is the evidence they need to feel that they have taken the right path in life. Quite a bit of pride and self-esteem come from career success and Capricorn Dogs are willing to do what it takes to earn it. And they do earn it. Those born under this sign want there to be no question that they deserve the success they have achieved, and many like to recall a poor or hopeless past that they managed to overcome.

The more obviously successful the career, the better, as members of this sign want their accomplishments to speak for themselves. Capricorn’s drive mixed with Dog’s humanitarian idealism are the perfect combination for such a goal. Politics is almost always of interest to Capricorn Dogs, and many choose to become politicians, lawyers, judges, and presidents of any society they can find. They also make good preachers, doctors, and dentists, especially in small towns where they can be a big fish in a small pond, so to speak.

Capricorn Dog Man

For the active Capricorn-Dog there are no obstacles and obstacles. Purposeful, determined man boldly embodies his plans, not paying attention to life’s difficulties and troubles. He is a benevolent person, but moderately cautious, does not trust very much to unfamiliar people. It is distinguished by a reasonable approach to life. He is devoted to his work, responsibly to business, but his energy is more than enough for his personal life too. With closer acquaintance, women are found out that this serious man is a rather soft, vulnerable person, but very stubborn. Therefore, it is better to obey the will of Capricorn-Dog, to reconcile with his independent character. In return, a woman will receive so much love and care that she will feel infinitely happy.

Capricorn Dog Woman

The woman of this zodiac sign combination is very lucky in business, possesses an enviable tenacity and purposefulness. Differs sharp mind, insight, so in dealing with business matters, colleagues rely entirely on her opinion. Although it is so independent that it does not need approval and support. In personal relationships, she tries to take the position of a leader, so she will be happy with a man who recognizes her superiority. But the Capricorn-Dog woman is very generous with respect to close people, makes a lot of efforts to create comfortable living conditions for her husband and children. Perhaps it is difficult, but it deserves to respect. The diligence of this woman has no boundaries, besides she tries to behave honestly and decently under any circumstances.

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