Gemini Dog

The well known faithful, loyal and devoted character attributes of the Dog as depicted in Chinese Astrology are well placed in the sun sign of Gemini. These are useful enhancing traits for the typical versatile, but often emotionally demanding Gemini personality to acquire. The influence of this animal produces Gemini Dog personalities that are among the most reliable and dependable of all Gemini’s. The dependability and devotion of the Dog is usually very apparent in these individuals making them active, friendly and unselfish in their approach and attitude to others. They are generally honest, fair and straightforward people who seem to get along with everyone.

Gemini Dog Traits

A Gemini Dog has an extremely likeable personality that others may envisage as rather too soft for their own good. They will give tirelessly of their time and patience but have a slight tendency to forget about their own personal needs. The Gemini Dog adopts high morals and values as he goes through life and these standards and principles help him make good decisions. These personalities are some of the best friends to have around as they can be relied upon to always be there for you if you need help or advice. As partners they are among the most committed and loving as they give and receive a lot from relationships, considering them to be very important.

The Gemini Dog character likes to stick to rules and be fairly organized and in control of their lives. They do not normally like to step outside their familiar routines and may be difficult to convince they need to have some fun every now and again. As the Gemini Dog is so devoted they sometimes struggle to snap out of their calm responsible nature and relax for a while. Friends and partners that encourage them to do this will get a rare glimpse of their playful, carefree, less serious sides. Once these personalities learn to ease up a little when time allows they soon realize the benefits.

Finishing anything they start is rather salient to the Gemini Dog so they hate leaving things undone or unsaid. If they have things on their minds that they need to do, the Gemini Dog finds it hard to concentrate. They prefer to see things to completion before moving on. Their orderly attitude to necessary tasks and helpful persona makes the Gemini Dog ideal in all sorts of caring professions and also perfectly suited for parenthood. These people are immensely clever at doing several things at the same time and appreciate variety to quell their proneness to boredom. They tend to have lots of energy and find challenges stimulating often being reluctant to stop working on something until it is completed or they discover a solution.

Although the personality of the Gemini Dog appears to be fairly robust to life they are often great worriers. They tend to keep their weakness of worrying to themselves so as not to burden anyone else. This does not usually cause a problem unless the worries begin to build. In these cases these Gemini’s need to relieve tension and may exhibit aggressive outbursts totally unlike their usual behavior.

Gemini Dog Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Gemini Dogs make great friends, though it can be difficult for them to find others who can keep up with their tireless curiosity and need for new experiences. For this reason, members of the Gemini Dog sign tend to keep a few different circles of friends on rotation, so they always have choices of what to do on a given day or night. Despite this flightiness, friends know that these are deeply loyal individuals who they can depend on when it really counts. Gemini Dogs just have to be careful not to constantly talk about everything negative that’s going on in the world, as others may interpret them as negative or depressing to be around.

Potential romantic relationships don’t come or go often for this sign. Gemini Dogs tend to take a long time to fall in love but once they do they are loyal and faithful companions. They don’t take rejection well, so they can be hesitant to open themselves up after being hurt. Once they find the love of their lives they will stick with them through thick and thin, but they have to be careful not to take their partner for granted. One of the challenges in the life of a Gemini Dog is to remain watchful of taking their sad or angry moods out on the ones they love the most. Luckily this a sign that will always apologize and do what it takes to make things right should they go too far.

Gemini Dog Business (Career & Goals)

It’s no surprise that members of this sign love jobs that let them share information with others. Careers in journalism and media are natural choices, particularly with the increasingly fast dissemination of online reporting. Similarly, Gemini Dogs enjoy jobs as information clerks, museum guides, and receptionists at busy companies.

Gemini Dogs that find themselves drawn to religious or spiritual callings are well fit for the task. This is a sign that can preach The Good Word better than most. At the same time, they are caring and gentle enough to dedicate their lives to others. Less religious Gemini Dogs that still want to contribute to others can do just as good of a job as community organizers, social workers, and political orators.

Gemini Dog Man

Active Gemini-Dog man — a nature addicted. His head is full of various ideas, he always hurries somewhere. He likes to communicate, to rotate among people, makes the impression of an easy, cheerful rake. But this is a thinking, spiritually developed man. He tries to bring the case to the end, takes responsibility responsibly to his professional duties. Is able to provide support at the right time, can give valuable advice. In love, he shows lightheadedness, he likes to make short-term relationships filled with passion. This is a romantic partner, capable of endlessly surprising her chosen one. But in marriage he demonstrates loyalty, devotion, loves his family and cares about wife.

Gemini Dog Woman

The bright Gemini-Dog woman is light and elusive, like a wind blow: it is everywhere and anywhere. Nature endowed her with artistic talent, which she generously demonstrates in everyday life. Communication with a woman of this combination of signs gives pleasure, her unpredictability, spontaneity provoke tenderness. But not always able to cope with their own emotions, experiences, and therefore is prone to bad moods. From bad thoughts it can be distracted by work, caring attitude of relatives. In marriage, she shows all her sensuality, although her partner also expects full return. She strives to build an ideal relationship, filled with romance, endless adventures. Of course, her energy is enough to raise children.

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Gemini Dog
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