Leo Dog

In Chinese Astrology the Dog is described as a good friend and listener to his companions and a fair and dependable leader. His appearance in a person’s birth chart signifies that the individual concerned will amass this animal’s rationality. Leo’s with their carefree sometimes dreamy personalities benefit greatly from the steadying friendly and sensible influences of the Dog. A Leo Dog is a personality that has their feet firmly on the ground and is alert and serious but still has a great sense of adventure and knows how to have fun. This is a magnificent mix for a good all round character and creates people with very pleasing personalities.

Leo Dog Traits

Leo Dog’s have a very realistic outlook to everything they do and everyone they meet. They are highly perceptive when it comes to assessing situations and people’s words and expressions. These personalities are very attentive and respond well to emotions as they have a tendency to have a balanced view of the world. This, and their ability to listen carefully without judgment, makes them of an understanding and unselfish nature. These are fantastic characteristics for working with others harmoniously and peace keeping within families and relationships.

The Leo Dog has a strong sense of justice and loathes any kind of unfairness, they are inclined to have high moral standards. Their impartial and moralistic view urges them to like to stand up for people less fortunate than themselves. These Leo’s will often choose a profession that helps others in this way. In their free time the Leo Dog loves to swim, keep fit and occasionally just put their feet up. They seem to possess an excellent method of finding balance between work and rest that many of us find so difficult. This is probably because they do not try to take on too much at once and are brilliant at organizing their time.

Home and family are important to the Leo Dog and he or she will strive to build a solid base for those they hold most dear. These people will work long and hard to achieve goals but they will do it methodically and with careful planning. A Leo Dog is sometimes forgetful but will always be apologetic and try to make amends. They are extremely reliable people for the majority of the time. In close relationships these personalities value friendship, loyalty and trust and they make romantic, thoughtful and affectionate partners. They are usually respectful and only make promises they fully intend to keep.

Being overly emotional about injustices is one of the Leo Dog’s few weaknesses. This view point emotion is pretty strong in these Leo’s and it is not usually until middle age that many of them learn to conquer it. In their youth they can become incredibly outspoken about the unfairness’s of this world. As they grow older and wiser the Leo Dog learns to control this weakness to outbursts of opinion. It will never disappear and they will always be so opinionated on such matters, but their reactions do get less aggressive and more realistic.

Leo Dog Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Leo Dogs are playful and funny and people truly enjoy being in their presence. They can also be controlling and demanding, though, which is why some people have a hard time dealing with them. True friends love and appreciate them for all of their virtues and faults alike, and there are always many of these people around.

Love comes easily for this sign. They are well-liked and respected by most people and have a warmth to them in person that is hard to resist. They are extremely loyal so if they enter a relationship they do so with all the trust in the world. On the flip side, if this trust is violated, they are very quick to walk away completely, as if the relationship never happened. Leo Dogs are so black-and-white that even issues that could be worked out will be judged by them to be irreparable. While they are often correct in feeling slighted, Leo Dog also have to be careful not to turn their back on their own happiness just to be right. Pride is the Leo Dog biggest weakness, and it shows up strongest in the most intimate relationships.

Leo Dog Business (Career & Goals)

Even though they can be a bit self-involved at times, Leo Dogs are very generous and love to share their time and knowledge with others. They also like to be in a position of power and demand respect. For these reasons they make fantastic teachers on any level. Those who embrace their more playful side may choose elementary education while those who are more focused on their internal sense of justice, critical thinking, and sense of social duty tend to become college professors instead. Either way Leo Dogs love to be helpful and expect a certain respect and adoration in return from their loyal students.

Leo Dogs are extremely diplomatic, and while they may be somewhat judgmental internally, they are quite good at settling difficult conflicts and making others feel taken care of. They have a true desire to do good in the world along with enough confidence to believe that they can do it. Unsurprisingly Leo Dogs are natural politicians (such as former U.S. Presidents and fellow Leo Dogs Bill Clinton and Herbert Hoover). Whether it is a role as leader of a nation or the leader of a community, this sign naturally is loved and respected for their straightforward and sincere desire to make the world a better place.

Leo Dog Man

Men of such zodiac combination are the most active of all representatives of the Dog sign, and open, honest people. A successful combination of signs gives them many advantages. They are reliable, loyal friends, ready to help. If the Leo-Dog dictates its conditions, only out of good motives. Always acts conscientiously, for him there is nothing more important than justice. He is not inclined to indulge in fantasies, he thinks very realistically. The main and unshakable values: family and work. In personal relationships he is a leader, and achieves his position not by aggressive behavior, but by love and care. Strives to protect loved ones from mistakes, carefully controls their actions and actions. Will do everything to provide the family with everything necessary.

Leo Dog Woman

An energetic Leo-Dog woman is able to achieve a lot in life, does not listen to someone else’s opinion, is always sure of her rightness. Aimed at a successful career, she is ready to sacrifice everything for it, including her personal life. In dealing with business matters, it demonstrates aggression, an iron grip, and will never give up the plan, even if the plans seem unworkable. Too demanding to submit to a man, and therefore at home demonstrates her proud, unyielding temper. You can find a common language with the Dog-Leo, you just need to recognize her superiority. Her heart will not remain indifferent to expensive gifts, exquisite compliments, yet she is a woman who has her weaknesses. It simply follows its natural inclinations, listens to the inner instinct.

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