Libra Dog

Dog’s are perceived as very loyal and faithful companions in Chinese Astrology personality descriptions. Those people with the Year of the Dog in their birth date are anticipated to have some of this animal’s fair-mindedness and friendliness. Those born under the Western astrological sign of Libra in a Dog year are thought to typically be very fairminded and companionable. A Libran Dog is an immensely fair and unprejudiced personality due to the influences of the appreciative Dog and the balance of Libra. The Libran Dog has a great mix of positive, fair and kind character traits within their personalities.

Libra Dog Traits

When working or relaxing the Libran Dog is always alert and aware of things and people around them. Although many of them prefer to work alone or in small groups the Libran Dog is adaptable enough to fit in anywhere. These are hard workers who are conscientious, responsible and reliable. They are good with finances and will be prepared to save up for the things they desire in life rather than borrow. They do not generally live outside their means so they are usually able to acquire a comfortable lifestyle. These character’s like to see real value for their money and will be frugal buyers but they do favor quality over quantity.

With such equilibrium of mood in their personalities a Libran Dog often has much success with relationships. They will give and take in equal amounts in close personal partnerships and will expect partner’s to have the same attitude. The Libran Dog is extremely loving and attentive and if this is reflected by others it is much welcomed. These personalities are not argumentative and they dislike confrontations. So life with these Libran’s is mostly congenial if they feel loved and appreciated. They can be quite passionate and spontaneous and will usually be good at remembering anniversaries and other special relationship moments.

To unwind the Libran Dog likes to escape the shackles of routine and do something different. They are keen on outdoor activities that allow them to breathe some fresh air and get some exercise. A Libran Dog is serious most of the time but they do know how to take time out and use it wisely to refresh themselves. They love walking, driving, running, or just relaxing in the garden. As long as it is outside they are not usually fussy what it involves doing. These individuals dislike having to be cooped up indoors for any length of time as they find it far too boring.

Libran Dog are private worriers and this is their only real weakness in their personalities. They tend to not verbalize their concerns until they can cope with them no more. A Libran Dog is likely to worry about others much more than they get anxious about themselves. They seem to sometimes try and take responsibility for or be too understanding of the actions of others. Having a supportive partner will help these Libran’s to share their personal thoughts and anxieties so they do not begin to mount up.

Libra Dog Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

On a purely social level, Libran Dogs are amazing friends to have around. Loyal, honest, diplomatic, peaceful, and hospitable, chances are good that a Libran Dog will put a great deal of effort and planning into even the smallest of affairs. They are the friends who offer to bake a cake for every special occasion, who host parties for every major awards show, and who like to firmly plant themselves by your ear to hear all of your troubles and ease all of your pains.

At the same time, Libran Dogs have a tendency to get overwhelmed easily, worry about unimportant things, and have trouble making decisions. Libran Dogs want everything to be perfect all the time and will exhaust themselves trying to put their best foot forward. They care too much about what others think about them, which can come across as seeming both vain and insecure.

Love is much harder for members of this sign than are friendships. Friends accept the ups and downs that go along with every Crane’s personality, but potential partners may feel a disturbing lack of intimacy, especially over time. Libran Dogs give so much to everyone else that they often want a partner who will simply take care of them at the end of the day. This often leads to an unbalanced relationship which in time may feel more like a business partnership than a romantic one.

Ideally, Libran Dogs hope to find a powerful, wealthy partner who can take them on a whirlwind romance fit for the movies, but what they really need is a partner who can get them back on track when they get overwhelmed, who doesn’t enable their worries or moodiness, but who also doesn’t take those things personally. Libran Dogs must be very careful not to rely on others to create their happiness for them. This is one of the key life lessons for this earnest but mercurial sign.

Libra Dog Business (Career & Goals)

To be honest, this sign is not really made for labor. Even though it defies all of their internal rules about everything needing to be just and fair, Libran Dogs really just want to live a grand and easy life. A lifetime full of sun by the pool would be perfect. For those fortunate enough to be born an heir to a great fortune, this will work out just fine, otherwise they will need to make your own way.

Libran Dogs are highly socially aware and are often most energized when fighting for a good cause. Charity and social work are great fits for this sign. Libran Dogs are good networkers and coordinators who have the compassion and empathy to make important changes in the world around them. They make great lawyers, politicians, and social workers, but also enjoy helping in the design of places and events. Jobs in interior design, event coordinating, and social networking are also very good choices for Libran Dogs.

Libra Dog Man

The man of this zodiac sign combines the diplomatic talent of Libra and the fighting qualities of the Dog. Able to peacefully resolve any conflict, but will fiercely fight for justice. Libra-Dog — intelligent, thinking man, a professional in his business. Colleagues pay tribute to his diligence, he is more concerned about the interests of the whole team than he thinks about himself. But this is a rather contradictory nature, so altruism peacefully neighbors with selfishness. Women in love with him rely on the devotion that is characteristic of the people of the sign Dog, but it is in personal relationships that he demonstrates freedom of love. Excessive care worries him, while he wants to feel needed and loved. But he always cares about close people, regardless of his attitude towards them.

Libra Dog Woman

Libra-Dog woman can live a happy life, but for this it needs to find a balance, decide on their desires. Too often ignores her inner needs. She likes funny companies, communication, wants to take place in the profession. Instead, she diligently searches for a reliable support in the person of a serious man, for which she is ready to sacrifice her interests. Although family life with a chosen one may not be as good as she imagined. But under any circumstances will not give up her plans, so she will try to keep the marriage in all possible ways. It’s a loving mother and a good housewife. Easily combines care for the family with work, in difficult situations, it earns a responsible approach to life and a rare diligence.

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