Pisces Dog

It is believed according to ancient astrology philosophers, that individual’s born in the Chinese Year of the Dog will be extremely loyal. Western astrologists describe the Piscean character traits as highly creative and sensitive. A combination of these two influences results in the very dependable and devoted Piscean Dog personality. These people are thought to acquire friendly kind personalities with imaginative quick minds and caring natures. They are usually cheerful and have good communication skills and a flair for organizing things. A Piscean Dog loves to please others whenever he can and is often very helpful and polite.

Pisces Dog Traits

A Piscean Dog individual often has a natural compassion for other people and will frequently put them before himself. The loyalty from the Dog is extremely strong in these personalities and it perfectly compliments the sensitivity of the Piscean. These individual’s will need partners who are understanding of their overwhelming urge to be useful and always busy. These personalities find it difficult to say No so they benefit from soul mates that will not let them take on too much. Although they are mostly organized they can be prone to double book appointments.

Piscean Dog’s are not brimming with self confidence but they are not particularly shy either. They will get on with most kinds of other personalities as they are not too pushy or loud in their manner. These individual’s are not natural attention seekers but they seem to have an ability to convey their wishes and needs and get what they want in other ways. A Piscean Dog is keen on reading and uses it as a form of escaping and furthering their knowledge. They are also fond of anything that will teach them something new that they did not already know. This includes conversations and debating current events with others which they tend to enjoy enormously.

In friendships and personal relationships with their friends and lovers they will expect dependability, devotion and a deep regard for feelings. The Piscean Dog personality is not very forgiving of those that let them down badly or betray their trust. In long term partnerships they will be deeply devoted to their partners and profoundly protective of their families. These Piscean’s believe in total faithfulness and unquestioning loyalty and they will usually strongly insist on this within a relationship. As parents these people will usually have the right balance of parenting attributes to nurture happy, bright contented children.

The lovely well balanced personality of the Piscean Dog is not without its weaknesses. They have an inclination to sometimes be overly serious and worry about things a little too much. While they like to give others advice and support they can forget about their own needs. We all need to offload our worries or self doubts and the Piscean Dog needs to find methods to release his or hers. If they do not do this and learn to share their concerns more with others it may have an adverse effect on their health.

Pisces Dog Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

In general, people like Piscean Dog because they are kind, generous, and sympathetic listeners who are good at keeping secrets. They rarely take part in gossip and are the perfect people to come to when friends need a shoulder to cry on. Though they can by shy and quiet (depending on the minor signs in the birth chart), they enjoy being social in groups as long as they don’t have to be the center of attention. Piscean Dog have to be careful not to give too much, as this can be emotionally exhausting for this sensitive sign.

Piscean Dog are not terribly comfortable playing the leader in any relationship, including romantic ones. Instead they are at their best when they are partnered with a strong personality. This by no means implies that Piscean Dog should find someone to dominate them. Instead they should look for a partner who is focused and decisive, but who also appreciates what the creative and intuitive Piscean Dog brings to the partnership. Loyalty is of great importance to them and when they settle down they intend it to be forever. Finding true love is likely to be a very big part of life for members of this sign, though they do surprisingly well being on their own as well. They are much more independent than they tend to think.

Pisces Dog Business (Career & Goals)

The list of career options for Piscean Dog may seem limited to social and charitable work, but the truth is some members of this sign may find such work far too emotionally intense for them. Though they are huge humanitarians, they are also very sensitive to social injustice as well as the pain of others. This combination makes them terrific social workers, charity workers, and counselors, if they can separate themselves from their work. Otherwise those born under this sign are going to have a difficult time living their lives while being overwhelmed by the problems of others.

Similarly, roles such as doctor, lawyer, or religious leader are a good fit for this sign, though the same warnings apply. Most Piscean Dog are gifted in the arts, so for those who don’t find these career options appealing, a career as an artist may be the perfect choice. Piscean Dog don’t need much in life to make them happy, and while they like to own nice things, they can also get by with a very minimalistic living situation, which is great for an up and coming artist. Above all things, those born under this sign should follow their hearts and their intuition, as these are much more well-tuned to the subtle energies of the universe than they are for most other signs.

Pisces Dog Man

Responsive Pisces-Dog man is always ready to help, not only friends, but even ill-wishers. He tries to understand the motives of the offenders, does not feel anger and hatred towards them, very quickly forgives. A thin person has a huge heart, is full of compassion for everyone around him. His gentleness, indecision are obstacles on the way to a successful career. With all his talents, he is too cautious, he prefers to think a lot and not act actively. But hardworking and very responsible, so the bosses are always in good standing. Fears and doubts cause trouble in their personal lives, painfully perceives any comments. Women should be sensitive and especially attentive to the man of this zodiac combination.

Pisces Dog Woman

A shy, gullible Pisces-Dog woman can be strong and determined if necessary. But basically it behaves quietly and imperceptibly. Carefully avoids attention, but if it so happened that her profession is connected with publicity, is very dignified. She knows about her weaknesses, so she prefers to think through all the actions in advance, to calculate the risks in order to feel calm. Sometimes her thoughtfulness interferes with the implementation of plans. The woman of this sign combination lacks energy, can achieve success in alliance with a strong partner. She is very devoted to her family, but she reacts impetuously to criticism, she can only be offended by a couple of careless words. But thanks to natural prudence finds the strength to preserve peace and tranquility in the family.

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