Sagittarius Dog

Sagittarius Dog Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Sagittarian Dogs are completely loyal and eager to please. They are nice people whose earnestness earns them the respect of their peers. Though they are not always the most graceful socially, but they more than make up for it by being big-hearted, generous, and dedicated to their friends and families.

In love, members of this sign will likely have a dominant partner with similar views and opinions as their own. They don’t mind be tied down to a partnership as long as they get to feel independent - like having a night out with friends or going on a motorcycle trip (even if they’ve never been interested in motorcycles before). Partners need to recognize that this is an important part of their character and if they get too boxed in they will mope around and be miserable. If their partners will let them feel like they are in charge every once in awhile (even if they are not), this will go a long way.

With family they tend to be stern but playful. They are most certainly the “fun parent”, but also the one that sets the rules. They want their kids to be just like them, if not better. They seek to instill a sense of fairness and idealism in their children, and like to lead by example. Sagittarian Dogs genuinely believe that they are doing the right thing and that other would be wise to follow in their footsteps.

Sagittarius Dog Business (Career & Goals)

Sagittarian Dogs do best when they can turn their personal passions into a career. Because justice is so important to them (as is being right all the time), many members of this sign turn toward careers in justice. As lawyers, judges, and police officers, they can help create the polite society that they have always dreamed of.

Those born under this sign are also humanitarians by nature, as well as idealists, and many are involved either in the church or in charities close to home. This is a natural fit for this sign, which is why they tend to be drawn toward careers as teachers, social workers, or pastors. Even those with careers as homemakers may not be satisfied without getting involved in a local charity. Sagittarian Dogs like to manage small community affairs such as writing for the neighborhood newsletter or being on a committee for local social reform.

Sagittarius Dog Man

Brave, adventurous Sagittarius-Dog man is in constant motion. He is keenly interested in everything that is happening around him, he feels the need to be in full view all the time. He prefers to deal with the case, which is interesting at this particular moment in time. Although there are no guarantees that the field of his hobbies will soon not change, and in the most cardinal way. The beliefs of Sagittarius-Dog are also subject to frequent changes: today he faithfully believes in one thing, and tomorrow — in another. Too fickle and changeable character is the cause of all his misfortunes and failures. But in friendship remains faithful and loyal to the end of his days. In romantic relationships, he manifests himself as a big fan of female beauty, but after making his choice, he tries to be faithful to one partner.

Sagittarius Dog Woman

Sagittarius-Dog woman is passionate and addicted, but able to remain calm or at least visibility of tranquility. She boldly experiments, tastes life, loves to communicate with a wide variety of people. This is not just a need to be in the center of attention, and a delicate calculation is to find a worthy partner. She relies on personal life, not on a successful career. The truth that she is not immune from the mistakes that are committed by a great many, especially in youth. With age, she becomes more sedate, touchingly cares for children. In any case, it always acts sincerely, does not pursue selfish ends, just listens to inner feelings. Even if it is too cruel, it does it unintentionally, on the whole it is a pleasant, interesting woman.

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Sagittarius Dog
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