Scorpio Dog

Scorpio Dog Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Socializing is not their strong suit, though it is a key aspect to achieving balance for this sign. Just don’t expect an Scorpio Dog to offer their true feelings up front. Until they trust an individual, members of this sign will keep them at a distance. Loyalty is absolute for them. While they may consider cutting corners on other social aspects, loyalty is a requirement both for themselves and for those close to them. Those who betray this law will find themselves excommunicated from an Scorpio Dogs life.

Members of this sign tend to be highly independent, but they still need close friends and family to feel balanced. Loners a lot of the time, most Scorpio Dogs keep a small, close group of friends (of which they are often the leader).

Picky and insecure in relationships, Scorpio Dogs need someone strong and emotionally stable to create a long-term partnership with. Ever the complex character, their compatibility with other signs is more influenced by other planetary aspects in the birth chart than most signs. The specific partnership needs of each individual is influenced by a number of factors, particularly the relationship to the planet Venus. Love will likely take a long time to manifest, and is somewhat synchronous in timing to when Scorpio Dogs learn to love and accept themselves. If you are an Scorpio Dog, you should consult your birth chart for further compatibility information.

Scorpio Dog Business (Career & Goals)

Influenced strongly by the Chinese Year of the Dog, those born under this sign have a passion for humanitarian ideals that often takes a backseat to their quest for personal security. Intelligent and capable of solving complex puzzles, most Scorpio Dogs choose careers that play to these strengths. Careers as doctors, scientists, and researchers are common amongst members of this sign.

Scorpio Dogs also have an unusual ability to take on jobs that the majority of people would feel uncomfortable in, particularly those regarding crime, death, or disease. These career options often encompass both law enforcement and biological research. Roles as criminal investigators, pathologists, morticians, and coroners may be unusual for other signs, but not for this one. Scorpio Dogs inherently understand the role pain, discomfort, and death play in life, even if they cannot consciously explain it.

It is likely that only the most highly evolved souls incarnated under the sign of the Scorpio Dog will actually pursue unselfish or humanitarian goals for their career. This should not be judged as good or bad, instead one must recognize that every path has its lessons and those who have chosen the path of the Scorpio Dog are no different.

Scorpio Dog Man

Strong, assertive Scorpio-Dog man makes an ambiguous impression on the surrounding people, especially on modest, quiet women. Has a complex, contradictory character, which is difficult to sustain. A confident, strong-willed person knows what goals pursue, there is no confusion and embarrassment in him. But the kindness and cordiality of the Dog, her devotion, honesty affect the actions of the man of this combination of signs. Smoothie, who has a powerful sexual energy, at the same time turns out to be a good family man, a devoted husband, a loving father. At work, he has a reputation as a cold, calculating person, aimed at a career, but if necessary he will be the first to give a helping hand, though with one condition — complete submission and obedience.

Scorpio Dog Woman

Too energetic and active Scorpio-Dog woman does not like a calm, measured life. Sometimes she creates problems for herself, aspires to reach heights that are not accessible to most people. Ambitious, self-confident nature boldly declares its desires, requires too much from a partner. Strives to tie him to herself, carefully controls all actions and actions. With such enthusiasm for work, responsibly approaches her duties, but she is too emotional and impatient. In general, this is a decent woman, not indifferent to everything happening around, capable of compassion. Simply impulsive and stubborn, too critical to the surrounding people, but not less demanding of yourself.

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