Virgo Dog

People born in the Chinese Year of the Dog are thought to have their personalities influenced by the friendliness and devotion of this animal. All cultures around the world recognize the Dog as an extremely loyal companion and a symbol of true friendship. The sun sign of Virgo from Western Astrology often denotes a methodical but sensitive personality. The Virgo Dog is therefore usually extremely loving, considerate and sensible in action and thought. This prudent character of the Virgo Dog individual helps them to be some of the calmest and most composed Virgo’s. They seem to be immensely appreciative of the company and companionship of others.

Virgo Dog Traits

A Virgo Dog is intelligent and perceptive and many of these personalities will enjoy studying or teaching others. They are incredibly quick to learn new ideas and skills and pass them on. These are very thoughtful character’s who are not judgmental and can often be found working with people in their choice of career. They have effective and kind communication abilities and are able to convey information or advice without being patronizing. This particular ability makes them easy to talk to and gains these personalities a lot of friends and respect.

As the Virgo Dog is often surrounded by friends he or she may take a while to yearn for the need to settle down. They tend to think that settling down with a special someone will put an end to their social lifes. Their prudence in relationships is just the same as their deliberation of everything else in their life. They like to take their time choosing a soul mate and they aim to do things properly. A Virgo Dog will only commit if they are absolutely certain that their chosen partner will return equally the love they give. These individual’s put a lot into a relationship once committed but they hope for partner’s to make the same effort.

At home the Virgo Dog likes to have a place for everything and know instantly where things are when they need them. They can get rather annoyed if someone disturbs their orderly layout. If their possessions are left as they were these Virgo’s are relatively simple to live with. They enjoy pottering around at home in their non working time and listening to music and just relaxing. Doing nothing for a change is sometimes the busy Virgo Dog’s favorite way of winding down. Many live active lifestyles and so in their leisure time they need to rest and relax.

Virgo Dog’s responsible and astute personality is disconcerted by something or someone, they really show it. Shocks or confusion can cause the normally cheery Virgo Dog to turn into an anxious wreck. The shock or disturbance will have to be something substantial but if it is you will encounter the weaknesses of the Virgo Dog personality. They can temporarily lose all confidence, be tearful and sometimes take it all out on those that they love the most. They will generally require lots of hugs and sympathy at these times.

Virgo Dog Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Virgo Dogs are very loyal to friends and family and they expect that loyalty returned without question. They enjoy the company of good friends and family, but aren’t particularly at home in many social situations. They are often overly critical of others and feel a bit too comfortable complaining about whatever is bothering them.

This is a sign that often repeats the same mistakes in relationships, hoping to someday get it right. Unfortunately this often means returning to old relationships that have run their course. Friends often wonder how such an intelligent individual can make such poor decisions on an emotional level. The truth is, these are two very different kinds of “intelligence”, and just as some signs are emotionally mature but not particularly brilliant, Virgo Dogs have the challenge of growing emotional maturity while relying primarily on intellect to get them through. Moving forward instead of looking back is a major life challenge for this sign, especially with relationships.

Virgo Dog Business (Career & Goals)

The best way for Virgo Dogs to fulfill their life goals and achieve a greater emotional balance is to help others in need. Though this may be emotionally challenging, even scary for many, the satisfaction of caring for others has a way of both teaching the core lessons this sign needs to learn and fulfilling their inner emotional needs.

This “caretaker” role can take on many forms, but most will have to do with health, medicine, and legal issues. The most common expression of this role is as a mother or father. The process of raising a child can transform this sign as long as they are open to being changed. This may or may not fit every member of this sign, and for some parenting will simply happen in addition to the other roles they play.

Other common roles for Virgo Dogs are doctor, nurse, scientist, researcher, mental health worker, lawyer, or judge.

Virgo Dog Man

The man of this sign combination always follows the rules, everything is clearly planned in his life. He is distinguished by honesty, hard work, willingness to fight and win. Will not be satisfied with the intermediate result, always goes to the end. This is a realist and materialist, but with a sensitive, restless soul. Virgo-Dog — a collected, reserved man, while defenseless against cruelty and injustice, although he tries not to show his weakness. It seems self-sufficient, self-confident person. People of this type are good leaders, skilfully leading the team to labor victories. In a romantic relationship, he — ardent boyfriend, persistently seeks the favor of the chosen one. Very attached to his family and endlessly devoted to her.

Virgo Dog Woman

Charming Virgo-Dog woman possesses artistic talent, likes to rotate among people. Cleverly presents her beauty, has good manners, intuitively feels how to behave at a given time. Sometimes it is emotional and unrestrained, but this behavior is more likely an exception, than the rule for a charming, soft and tactful woman. Virgo-Dog is confident enough to build bold plans for life. And she is smart enough, hardworking to achieve her dream. But she will not give up the help of a strong man who can lift her to the heights of success. In personal relationships, she prefers to receive more than give. The family gives her a sense of stability and reliability, the house is a place of rest and peace.

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