Aquarius Dragon

Aquarius Dragon Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Interestingly, while Aquarius Dragons may find each other in friendship, they rarely make good partners with other members of their sign in terms of love. That’s because Aquarius Dragons aren’t afraid to let their friends shine, but they will be damned if they will be outdone by their life partner. Friends are often those whom they share political or social views with, and they enjoy having other eccentric personalities around, usually to go find the most fabulous bar in town or hang out anywhere they believe the most interesting people to be.

In love, Aquarius Dragons work best with more understated partners who share their sense of fun and adventure. Aquarius Dragons typically have to be the “alpha” in every relationship, so they tend to find partners who are also fun-loving, but don’t take up too much of the spotlight. Their partners are usually well-liked and have good hearts, but also let them shine and even reign them in a bit when they take things a little too far.

Aquarius Dragon Business (Career & Goals)

Aquarius Dragons can’t help but find themselves involved in politics. It can be as small as their kid’s Parent-Teacher Association and as big as the Presidency of a Nation. One way or another, they feel the need to make their voices heard, and why not? They are good at it. Members of this sign succeed at various social and political roles at every level, though they must be careful not to become the self-centered person many others will likely assume them to be, as this is the Aquarius Dragon’s most certain path to self-destruction.

Members of this sign who are not politically leaning will find a rewarding career with a role where they can be in charge of themselves while still being involved in something they believe in. This is why many Aquarius Dragons make great entrepreneurs - a role they thrive in as long as they remember to ask for (and hire) help. The biggest mistake entrepreneurial Aquarius Dragons can make is trying to do too much by themselves. They need to learn humility and learn to trust others to see their vision through. If they can do this, they will go far.

Aquarius Dragon Man

An Aquarius man, born in the year of the Dragon, sets specific goals, but does not deny himself the pleasure of going to them in a roundabout way. Likes to fantasize, is fond of mysticism. In everything he tries to find a hidden, mistic meaning. He considers himself entitled to influence the fate of people. His advice and recommendations can be useful in solving complex problems. But he diligently avoids the participation of other people in his life. Do not even try to understand the intricacies of his thoughts: the man Aquarius-Dragon simply needs to be trusted. In love, he is looking for inspiration, he needs a stimulus for decisive actions, and he does not have the willpower to take it. Be sure to achieve the reciprocity of the most impregnable beauty.

Aquarius Dragon Woman

For the Aquarian woman born in the year of the Dragon, personal interests are of great importance. This gifted personality dreams to own take place in life. She has great abilities, if she wishes — she can succeed in any activity, but she gives preference to creative professions. An important role is played by her positive attitude, the desire to enjoy life. Woman Aquarius-Dragon often neglects the attention of fans, is afraid of losing their freedom, so do not hurry with marriage. But over time it can become an exemplary mother and wife, like any woman, needs support. Often behind a cheerful air you can see doubts, hidden anxiety.

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Aquarius Dragon
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