Aries Dragon

In Chinese Astrology the Dragon is usually considered powerful for their strength of presence and natural noble demeanor. People born during their reign in the Chinese astrological calendar are thought to gain some of the Dragon’s confident and dignified aura. An individual born an Aries in the Year of the Dragon is believed to acquire lots of this boldness and elegance. An Aries Dragon has a zealous and very alert forward thinking approach to life that wins him or her many friends and admirers. These personalities are cheerful and fun rarely seeming to be bothered by life’s little worries.

Aries Dragon Traits

An Aries Dragon is usually intelligent, creative and quick in his thinking and wit. Of all Aries personalities these Dragon’s are probably the most whimsical and they often have a wicked sense of humor. The Aries Dragon’s sometimes over enthusiasm for everything is inspiring but it can also be annoying occasionally. These individual’s are sometimes a little nosy as they want to know all the facts about something or someone. They do not like to have an incomplete picture of things they hear and see. These people love to investigate and obtain their own version of something rather than be told about it.

Curiosity is one of the reasons that an Aries Dragon will want to get to know someone. They tend to seek out others who are a bit different and modern in their opinions and thoughts like they are. These individual’s love to chat and so any potential friends or partners should be prepared for hours of interesting discussion. An Aries Dragon sometimes uses a person’s responses to questions to judge whether they will be worth conversing with. This is rather pompous and doesn’t always bring good results but they still seem to automatically do it. Once you get to know them they will not mind you using the same tactics on them.

The Aries Dragon often falls in love very easily and may have several relationships before they find the right one. They will usually rush in with all their avidity and slightly overly trusting nature without their usual think ahead reasoning. When it comes to love and romance an Aries Dragon is a bit of a perfectionist and they have high expectations of a personal relationship. They cannot understand why others are more cautious and hold back their feelings initially. These people need partners that are demonstrative and will return the same amount of affection and openness.

When the Aries Dragon is angered or upset they may reveal the weakness in their personality of not taking kindly to the advice of others. If they are brooding these Aries are best left too it. They like to work out their own solutions to problems, in their own time and will rarely take recommendations from other people. If you try to offer guidance or suggestions they will usually be flatly ignored. Even if they know the advice is good they will still refuse to listen and have even been known to do the total opposite of what is suggested.

Aries Dragon Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

As you might have guessed, the Aries Dragon is not the easiest sign to get along with, yet they tend to attract others quite easily. It’s been said that confidence is everything, and if this is true, then it explains why members of this sign continuously get ahead. This confidence is their greatest strength, and many people want to get to know them simply to try to understand what makes them so special.

In love, the Aries Dragon has difficulties because they have a hard time finding the right fit. It’s not easy to pair up with a Aries Dragon for all-time, just like it’s not easy for a Aries Dragon to settle down. They want things done their way all the time, yet they despise people they see as weak. Therefore, they need someone who can match their aggressive nature but will still let them be in charge. There are many who can be friends with the Tyrannosaurus, but few that can make the long-term commitment and make it work.

Aries Dragon Business (Career & Goals)

Members of this sign expect to get what they want, and have the energy and confidence to make others buy whatever they are selling. This makes them, of course, natural salespeople. They love the challenge and the rewards that come from “the game” of sales, and have no fear talking to anyone and everyone about anything.

Aries Dragon will only be happy when they are on top, but they are confident and resilient and if they can’t be the best at something they will go try something else. Members of this sign should do their best (which will be difficult) to honestly assess their own skills and talents and choose a career that speaks to their heart. They can be actors, doctors, or journalists, for example, but they won’t be happy unless they make it all the way to film star, head surgeon, or anchorman.

Aries Dragon Man

Proud Aries Dragon man is determined to succeed, he believes in his great destiny: brilliant accomplishments, fame — that’s his lot. With enthusiasm, he takes any cause, is energetic, clever and active. This is an excellent leader, although sometimes his narcissism harms his work. Dragon Aries man is so confident in himself that many people seem like a stubborn. Women can leave their fantasies on the topic: everything will change after the wedding. Aries Dragon is the only leader in the family, only he depends on the well-being of the union. The freedom-loving man does not hurry to bind himself by marriage, loves beautiful, intelligent women. He enjoys romance even when he is married.

Aries Dragon Woman

A strong-willed Aries-Dragon woman does not recognize the boundaries and limits. She strives to achieve success in all spheres of life, it is important for her to be able to fulfill all her dreams and fantasies. Settled for a successful career, ready to sacrifice for great goal with her personal life. Men should understand that they are dealing with a single-minded woman who does not have time for ironing, washing and cooking borscht. Sharpen it in four walls is impossible, it will not connect life with a despot and a tyrant. The truth is too quiet partner quickly tired, Aries Dragon woman bright, ambitious, she needs a spirit of competition. At the same time, she does not lack ordinary female weaknesses, she expects romantic actions from men.

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Aries Dragon
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