Capricorn Dragon

Capricorn Dragon Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Again, aspects in the birth chart is going to play a big role in compatibility with others, but the sign of Capricorn Dragon is so strong that there are going to be certain traits that stay the same regardless. The first thing to know about Capricorn Dragons is that they are extremely loyal. Loyalty is a big part of their internal code of laws and nothing will raise their ire faster than disloyalty. At the same time, Capricorn Dragons often expect too much loyalty from their friends and family. For example, if a member of this sign get into an argument they will expect all friends and families to side with them, regardless of whether they are right or wrong.

After a few disappointments in the trust department, Capricorn Dragons begin to be more cautious entering into new relationships. They may be gregarious and outgoing, but they will reserve the vulnerable parts of themselves until they are at least fairly certain that they can trust someone else. This can make starting romantic relationships more difficult, but in the end a little caution is good for this sign.

Since Capricorn Dragons attract others so easily, they will have little trouble finding mates, especially those who are equally idealistic. Young Capricorn Dragons aren’t likely to get too serious in relationships, in part because they are already quite serious about their own ideals and ideas. Members of this sign don’t typically marry at a young age and often meet their long-term partners later in life, after they have achieved some of their goals and can settle down a bit.

Capricorn Dragon Business (Career & Goals)

There are few specific careers worth mentioning for the talented and persevering Capricorn Dragon, simply because there are so many different things that they can do. The key is personal passion. Those born under the sign of the Capricorn Dragon often find that they have certain ideals in life that they are drawn to. This can be anything from the desire to start a company to the desire to end world hunger. If a true passion exists it will be very strong in this sign and those who fail to follow their own hearts will suffer mentally and emotionally.

Capricorn Dragons are meant to be leaders. They have the ambition and drive necessary to accomplish nearly any task and others naturally want to follow their energy. The more energy they put toward a passion, the more followers they will have. Recruitment of like-minded individuals is not necessary. Capricorn Dragons lead and grow their armies by following up their words with appropriate actions.

Of course, not all Capricorn Dragons will want to lead. Because there are so many minor influences in every individual’s birth chart, certain planetary aspects (especially the life path) may lead an individual to favor other careers which use their power in an equal but different way. One of the best careers for those with a mind for science and numbers is that of an astrophysicist. I know that is an extremely specific career choice, but few signs are better suited as physicists, astronomers, and astronauts.

Capricorn Dragon Man

The combination of the Capricorn and the Dragon signs gives rise to powerful, strong-willed people. They are distinguished by their lack of words, prefer to act, and not waste time talking. The Capricorn-Dragon man is completely focused on the result, strives for victory at any cost. He can arrange only a high post, at least he will do everything possible for this. Women are not in a hurry to reveal their feelings to him, this ambitious man seems too unapproachable and cold. But with close acquaintance, imbued with confidence in the Dragon Capricorn. He is able to restore order not only in his life, but also easily solves the problems of the chosen one. His devotion to the interests of the family is admired and respected.

Capricorn Dragon Woman

The Capricorn-Dragon woman is very complex, she is not inclined to compromise. Resolutely and persistently follows their goals, usually her plans are not related to the family, at least in her youth. She attracts a successful career, from an early age dreams of a leader’s chair. Has a good business acumen, quickly and confidently solves the most difficult issues. But she does not listen very much to advice, although sometimes it should. She does not trust people, she fears betrayal. But open to love: Capricorn-Dragon woman capable of a deep feeling. Waiting for a man to worship, instant fulfillment of all whim. But she is ready to make concessions, if the chosen one can conquer her heart.

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Capricorn Dragon
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