Leo Dragon

Leo Dragon Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Despite being overly self-involved, Leo Dragons are actually very warm and giving to those they are close to. They impress others naturally and can make friends with just about anyone. Their endless need for attention and appreciation are the only real downsides to their personality, but their closest friends not only accept this about them, they actually see it as an amusing quirk. Leo Dragons more than make up for their self-centricity when they are engaged with others. They can make anyone feel special with minimal effort and have little trouble enticing others into being intrigued by them.

Love can be a big challenge for Leo Dragons because they don’t exactly believe in equality. In relationships they like to be in charge, and sometimes treat their partners as their employees. Leo Dragons usually choose passive partners for this reason who will listen to their stories without interruption and won’t argue back when members of this sign exert their “authority”. Being able to be an equal in a long-term relationship is one of this sign’s greatest life challenges, but conquering this challenge is also one of their greatest life purposes. Likewise, those who find themselves considered the “weaker” half of the partnership will most likely move on to more favorable situations.

Leo Dragon Business (Career & Goals)

It’s difficult to pin down a preferred career choice for Leo Dragons simply because they are so highly capable of conquering any challenge. What members of this sign must be the most careful of is chasing a dream for the sake of the ego rather than for the heart. Luckily this sign is very connected to the heart and as long as they don’t create dreams of grandeur, they should be successful in whatever field they choose.

That said, there are a few specific roles that fit this sign particularly well. Artistic Leo Dragons have some of the best chances of all Primal Zodiac signs in taking their hobby to a professional level. Unlike quieter and more muted signs, Leo Dragons have the X-factor to their interactions and expressions that give them a distinct edge with art critics and buyers (such as famous Leo Dragon Andy Warhol).

As natural leaders, this sign is built for management and political roles, though these are the very roles that may be more satisfying to the ego than the heart. Leo Dragons require adventure, which is why some choose to take on some of the most difficult or dangerous careers, such as film making, war reporting, or literally rising above all others as an astronaut.

Leo Dragon Man

A noble Dragon-Leo man is born to command. This is a royal person, worthy of worship and adoration. So selfish and too self-confident that he often neglects the interests of those around him. But it never acts to their detriment, shows a good-natured, peace-loving character. The intellectually gifted person differs resourcefulness and ingenuity, usually takes a good post, and is deserved. He does not resort to flattery, intrigue, he achieves everything with his talent and diligence. The Dragon-Leo washes to fascinate and fall in love with any person, women simply adore him. A handsome, gallant gentleman in family life manifests himself as a defender and an earner.

Leo Dragon Woman

A coquette and enchantress, born under the combination of Lion and Dragon signs, drives all the familiar and completely unfamiliar men mad. She spins numerous novels, though she has a noble goal: to find her one and only. Usually gives preference to strong men, with whom she can not get along because of her proud temper. Her love and relaxed behavior often cause problems in dealing with women who are enviously envious of her. In addition to the spectacular appearance of the Leo-Dragon woman is very intelligent and purposeful. She is accompanied by success not only in personal relationships, but also at work. This is a fine professional, with colleagues communicating smoothly and friendly. But she does not take criticism and remarks.

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Leo Dragon
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