Libra Dragon

Libra Dragon Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Libran Dragons are proud, confident, and straightforward. Some people like them and some people don’t. They are usually well mannered and polite, but can be harshly judgmental of others. In this way they choose their friends and their friends choose them. Libran Dragons don’t have a big group of friends, but they may have many more acquaintances than they might expect. They dislike confrontation but are not afraid to defend themselves. Unlike most other Primal Zodiac signs involving Libra, Libran Dragons don’t seem to mind much if others don’t like them, since they probably don’t like those people either.

Partnerships can be tricky for this sign, especially in early adulthood. The Chinese Zodiac influence of the Dragon provides enough nobility and authority that most Libran Dragons prefer a partner who is more or less subservient to them. While they like to maintain control of their relationships, they are also not attracted to those who don’t fight back or defend themselves. In truth, Libran Dragons expect fairness even if they are the ones being unfair. They also enjoy a certain amount of drama in their relationships, so they end up in passionate but often dysfunctional relationships that, if started at a young age, never really change because the Libran Dragon does not like to change things once they are comfortable with them.

Libra Dragon Business (Career & Goals)

Above all else, members of this sign want to be in control of their own destiny. They like money and the control and independence it gives them. Like most signs with a sun in Libra, Libran Dragons would trade it all in for a life of comfort and luxury. Those born under this sign may have had one or more past lives in which they were strongly involved in social or political system where “special” individuals got all of the luxuries and comforts while others were basically servants to those few. Therefore, Libran Dragons prefer an even playing field where they can have both the positive and negative experiences of providing for one’s self while focusing on others.

This is a sign that likes to create. If left to their own devices they can be impressive artists with an intellectual mind to back it up. Libran Dragons are natural fits for careers as architects, artists, and beauticians of all sorts. They like to have control over their lives, schedules, and even co-workers, and this is only increased when in a management position. Those who don’t wish to do creative work can find careers as managing directors and politicians, though they may be considered by many to be a bit “extreme” in both situations.

Libra Dragon Man

Whatever the strong experiences of the Libra man born in the year of the Dragon, he will not show them to others. He is a calm, balanced person, trying to find inner harmony. It is important for him to understand his purpose, and he must figure out everything himself. Do not ask advice even from close people. The energy of the Dragon and the wisdom of Libra will help him to achieve success without outside interference. Usually his life develops quite successfully: Libra-Dragon man held in the profession and personal life. Women pay tribute to his peaceable disposition, but underestimate stubbornness and the desire for independence. He does not tolerate pressure, he always acts in his own way.

Libra Dragon Woman

Kind, open Libra-Dragon woman for surrounding people seems native and familiar, she can safely entrust any secret. She tries not to think about bad things, she is always nice and sociable. It is distinguished by an optimistic view of the future. The woman of these signs is self-confident, thinks quite soberly, so she lives quietly: without sudden ups and downs. Although the energy of the Dragon sometimes deprives her of peace, pushes on ill-considered actions, attracts vague prospects. But you can not be afraid for her well-being, Libra-Dragon woman is self-sufficient. Family life does not deprive her of her female charm, she maintains her positive attitude. Caring for close people does not bother her at all, but delivers only joy.

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Libra Dragon
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