Pisces Dragon

The introduction of the mystical fiery Dragon to a person’s Western astrological sun sign is a lucky occurrence. In Chinese Astrology with the Piscean it adds to the already typical highly sensitive emotions and appears to reform them as inspirational rather than reactive. The usual over sensitive Piscean Dragon is still highly emotional but these emotions are directed differently. They are more geared towards inventive and imaginative ideas rather than the intuition of feelings. A Piscean Dragon personality is therefore an excitable person with a generally fairly equal balance of seriousness and sensitivity.

Pisces Dragon Traits

A Piscean Dragon likes to be surrounded by those they trust and can be overly suspicious of people they do not know. They are not particularly sociable but do understand the attractions and benefits of a few friends and a soul mate to share life with. The Piscean Dragon is never short of something to do as his or her active mind is always buzzing with new concepts and creative thought. These Piscean’s with their inspired thinking processes like to keep busy but are sometimes caught day dreaming. In work they do not enjoy tasks involving monotony as this is far too restrictive for their personalities.

Piscean Dragon’s, even with their more balanced emotions, are still very easily upset. They can become highly strung and temperamental when confronted with situations they find upsetting. This is especially so in relationships with partners, as these Piscean’s are more likely to show their true reactions here. A one to one relationship with a Piscean Dragon will often involve lots of affection and openness. They tend to rely heavily on partners for their emotional support when it falters and need unions with understanding and trustworthy people. When they find this these people generally have no problems making a commitment.

In work the Piscean Dragon is inclined to be attracted to professions with variety or changes of scene or location. These Piscean’s can soon get bored with mundane jobs and some of them will decide to have several sources of income. Their creative inspired personalities are excellent at multi tasking and they have organized minds. These attributes to their personality help them at work and at play. In their leisure time these individuals like to explore their inventiveness and enjoy anything that makes then think outside the box. They love to try anything that is new or different and usually have quite a passion for reading.

The Piscean Dragon can get quite carried away when they are deep in thought and concentration. When they have their minds set on doing something they like to see it through to completion. If they are disturbed or interrupted while thinking intensely they can reveal the small weakness in their personalities. This is the proneness to be snappy and they can have a rather sharp tongue that can be hurtful. A Piscean Dragon often ends up saying things he or she do not mean to get some peace occasionally. If partners and friends understand this they avoid disturbing these Piscean’s when they are concentrating.

Pisces Dragon Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Piscean Dragon believe in treating others how they want to be treated, but Piscean Dragon also believe that they deserve to be treated very well by everyone. They are not so naive to think that this is going to happen, but they do hold an ideal in mind that others will be as kind and friendly and welcoming as they are. They may not be the most social creatures, but Piscean Dragon are always polite and well-mannered. They want everyone to feel comfortable and are not ones to bring up controversial subjects. They are loyal friends who want the best for everyone, though they can be quietly judgmental to those who behave in ways they disagree with.

Unfortunately Dragon-Pisces are not lucky in love. They tend to pick the wrong types of partners - ones who tend to stoke the fires of their emotions rather than those who are actually a good match for them. Though they may not like it, they do best around more grounded signs who can keep them in check with reality. At the same time, others cannot ever try to dissuade Piscean Dragon from their dreams or ideals. They need someone to share their ideas and visions with, and in a perfect scenario this would be someone who was also realistic yet optimistic enough to help them (or at least encourage them to) achieve their goals.

Pisces Dragon Business (Career & Goals)

This is a highly creative sign that does well in all things artistic. As actors, writers, producers, directors, musicians, photographers, and the like they can succeed where others fail due to their imaginative vision and passion for their work. Passion is key for a Piscean Dragon’s career, as they will most certainly be miserable and under-productive in a job they dislike. They don’t particularly like being told what to do, especially since other people don’t seem to see or understand their vision correctly. Though they work well with others, members of this sign would rather venture off on their own rather than compromise their artistic integrity.

Piscean Dragon can be a bit judgmental, but that’s also because they have strong intuitions that they learn to trust at an early age. Their opinionated nature can help in certain careers that require a trained eye and a sense of what’s good and what’s bad. They make excellent critics and designers - always having a strong idea of what needs changing to make things right.

Whatever career they choose, Piscean Dragon should follow their heart (as well as their gut instinct). Finding a purpose or a cause to live for is a big part of their growth, and to deny a strong attraction toward their goals is to shut off the very light that radiates from within them.

Pisces Dragon Man

Dragon-Pisces man all his life trying to find a balance, full of doubts and contradictions. He is fully capable of decisive action, while being kind and genteel. A timid man is prone to make mistakes, he can not always understand which road he should go. But he thinks of himself as a defender of ideals, a principled and fair man. We must give it its due: it is distinguished by a serious approach to life, hardworking and disciplined. Women can not doubt its reliability, but must fully realize the degree of responsibility: Pisces Dragon is very attached to his chosen one. In the power of a woman to inspire, elevate or plunge into the abyss of suffering the man of these signs.

Pisces Dragon Woman

Emotional Dragon-Pisces woman lives with her feelings, always follows an inner sensation. Often there are rights, but there are also unfortunate mistakes. She is distinguished by kindness and sincerity, trusts people, tries to help them in everything. But do not forget about work, successful promotion on the career ladder is not a vital necessity, rather flattering her vanity. She is afraid to miss something particularly important in her life, so she tries to catch everything. The Dragon-Pisces woman needs a strong partner, will be able to find happiness in the family. Willing to obey the will of her husband, despite her willful character and desire to command. Moreover, all the main decisions will always come from it.

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