Sagittarius Dragon

The mythical Dragon’s personality in Chinese Astrology is a powerful influence to gain in your birth chart. Ancient astrologists believed that a person born in the Year of the Dragon would be bestowed with this creature’s strength and luck. In Western Astrology Sagittarian personalities are thought to be really good at accepting and welcoming changes. So a Sagittarian Dragon is usually lucky, determined, tremendously adaptable, and selfless. They also appear to have acquired the Dragon’s softheartedness, fine perception and fertile imagination. A Sagittarian Dragon has a high spirited positive approach to life and to all those around him or her.

Sagittarius Dragon Traits

The Sagittarian Dragon is alert and active, loves life and seems to try to get the most out of every day. Their astute and versatile minds help them to easily adapt to new people and different circumstances. They are able to take on most kinds of work and get along with almost anyone. A Sagittarian Dragon will be very considerate and loyal to their friends as they value them highly. These personalities like their solitary moments but they often need and like to have a few good mates that they can rely on. These individual’s like to feel useful, involved and needed by others.

Sagittarian Dragon’s usually have lots of energy and patience and they are not afraid of hard work. They especially enjoy working with people doing something that is really worthwhile and inspiring. These characters are often found employed in places that give no cost advice and assistance to others. To truly unwind a Sagittarian Dragon appreciates nothing more than a little peace and quiet and the company of a good book. To have a bit of fun these Sagittarian’s will be equally as happy to participate in anything sporty or to simply go out and see a great movie.

The unselfish nature of the Sagittarian Dragon helps them greatly when it comes to personal relationships. They will always try to put their partner’s needs first and so are not generally argumentative or overly demanding. They are believers in give and take but will most often contribute much more than they are expected to in a soul mate relationship. A Sagittarian Dragon may be a little possessive and have a tiny twinge of jealousy every now and then. They can be quite passionate and energetic and will search for a partner that can keep up.

As the Sagittarian Dragon is so selfless they are usually terrible at looking after their own needs. They can sometimes neglect themselves and seriously deplete their energy and emotional state. This weakness in the Sagittarian personality can materialize as stress and anxiety if they do not learn to remember that they have essential requirements. These people tend to know their weakness but may need to be reminded frequently to see to their own necessities first. They usually realize that they have to be well in them self in order to help others best. Almost all these individual’s will grasp this concept and be able to overcome this proneness within their personalities.

Sagittarius Dragon Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Sagittarian Dragons make great friends. They are always up for a good time and love to socialize. They are outgoing leaders with strong personalities who may, at times, try to dictate the direction of their friend groups, but now always. More than anything, Sagittarian Dragons want independence, but they still like to have people around who know them well. With such a strong personality there is no way for them not to rub some people the wrong way, but it hardly matters. They are who they are, and even if they are not beloved by all they are most certainly beloved by most.

Members of this sign are very attractive, exotic, and unique. People are naturally drawn to them, but sharing the lead in their life is not their strong suit. It will be hard for them to do what others want while doing what they want, and they know it. As enticing as the experience of love and romance is, Sagittarian Dragons will ultimately have a hard time committing to a partnership, unless their partner is willing to follow them on their journey. This is by far the biggest life challenge for them. Can they find a way to balance their need for independence with their desire for the passions of romance? Chances are it will take time, but eventually many Sagittarian Dragons will find the right partner to take on life’s adventures with.

Sagittarius Dragon Business (Career & Goals)

There are so many different things Sagittarian Dragons want to experience in a single lifetime, that it is difficult to pin down careers that fit them well. Ultimately, what they do is not as important as why they do it. This is a sign that requires excitement and adventure but also respect and power. They have the drive to be the best if for no other reason than to see if they can. Members of this sign follow their hearts, and they should. They are their own best guide.

Those who don’t have a specific goal in mind should consider careers in advertising, law, or journalism. All of these options give them the chance to work on multiple accounts, cases, and stories within a short period of time. In their younger days, roles like flight attendant or tour guide are instantly appealing, though the ever confident Sagittarian Dragon will likely become bored quickly after mastering all there is to master in these roles. It’s not unusual for Sagittarian Dragons to continue trying out new careers throughout their lives, but it would be wise for them to come up with a focus for their careers so they don’t always have to start over from the bottom.

Sagittarius Dragon Man

A Sagittarius man born in the year of the Dragon is distinguished by a positive attitude, benevolent and peaceful. This is a rather complex personality, woven from contradictions. Sophisticatedly hides its anxiety, but readily reveals to the world the face of a happy person. In all cases he is lucky, so it seems that success is given too easily, and sometimes undeservedly. But this is an intelligent, decent man, worthy of the highest position. An incurable romantic, devoted to his ideals, most of his life goes in pursuit of a dream. Sagittarius-Dragon man is ready for any madness for the sake of the happy shine of the eyes of her chosen one, he will certainly find a way to achieve her favor.

Sagittarius Dragon Woman

The powerful Sagittarius-Dragon woman manages people so gently and tactfully that she can not be caught in despotism. Active, energetic leader causes in subordinates only love and respect. The truth in rare cases is subject to outbursts of anger, it is irritated by lack of professionalism and irresponsibility. She is too straightforward and honest to cheat and pick up words. In relations with men moderately coquettish, she likes the attention of fans. But she does not consider it necessary to hide her emotions, for all her goodwill, she can offend the chosen one with harsh words. Sometimes she is too trusting, she is excessively fond of dreams and fantasies, that is why she is often deceived in her feelings.

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Sagittarius Dragon
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