Scorpio Dragon

Scorpio Dragon Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

As mentioned, an active social life is fairly low on the list of priorities for members of this sign, though this can be offset by certain aspects in the birth chart (such as a Moon sign of Gemini or Leo). Yet, socializing and feeling like a “regular person” amongst trusted friends is exactly what they need in order to find balance and harmony in their lives. In order to do so, though, they would have to give up some independence and possibly some power, which is very hard for them to do. For most Scorpio Dragons, learning to let go of control and find happiness amongst others is a major life goal. This sign has trouble creating their own happiness, so they try to do so through success, money, and authority rather than through relationships with other people.

Intimate relationships are equally difficult because Scorpio Dragons don’t like to give up control. Since one can’t have a strong partnership if both sides are not equal, this can create problems in long term romantic relationships for this sign. Deep down that they are overly emotional and can become rather stubborn or irrational even when they know better. Yet, this is a hard habit to break. Vulnerability is not a natural state for them, so potential mates have to work slowly and patiently with a Scorpio Dragon if they want to make their partnership last. They will likely need a very intuitive partner or assistant to help them communicate - someone who is not put off by their emotional intensity but understands what is driving it.

Scorpio Dragon Business (Career & Goals)

Career is where the Scorpio Dragon shines. They are incredibly skillful and talented in their chosen fields and they have a natural ability to lead others. If in a group they will need to be in charge, at least of themselves. Scorpio Dragons aren’t keen on taking orders or doing things the way that everyone else does them. They know they can succeed if they are allowed to work on their own terms, so they often do. Thus, members of this sign tend to prefer work where they are either the boss or where they have the independence to achieve their goals in the way that plays best to their strengths.

Scorpio Dragons don’t have specific jobs that fit them like most other signs do. They can be anything from garbage collectors to film stars, journalists, presidents, funeral directors, or astronauts. The specific role is not as important as their passion for the work they do and the results they may achieve if they succeed. Many Scorpio Dragons will know what they want from life as they have probably been thinking about their career since childhood. Whatever they do they can succeed at as long as the personal passion is there. Careers chosen for money, status, or authority will be fulfilling in those respects but not on a deeper level. Scorpio Dragons need to believe in what they are doing as much as they believe in their ability to succeed.

Scorpio Dragon Man

The powerful energy of the Scorpio-Dragon man has a magical effect on everyone, especially on women. It can be madly loved or hated, but it is impossible to remain indifferent to this strong personality. Active and energetic man does not see obstacles in front of him, boldly walks through life, does not feel fear at all and does not doubt his success. It is easy to achieve the position that deserves, usually holds a leadership position. He has a strong intuition, that is why he is quickly identified with the chosen one, but in romantic relations he feels uncharacteristic timidity. As a life partner, this is a reliable partner, but too quick-tempered and straightforward.

Scorpio Dragon Woman

Scorpio-Dragon woman is indisputably bright and attractive. Effective appearance, sharp mind, natural sexuality are the distinctive features of this charismatic person. She enjoys every day she has lived, does not restrain her feelings and emotions. Vividly reacts to any events, not necessarily personally relating to her. Do not remain indifferent to the problems and concerns of close people, the Scorpion-Dragon woman can always be relied upon. The truth for the friendship with her will have to pay in full: requires complete submission. Men must yield to it, patiently fulfill all the whims, while being solid, successful people. But still there are a lot of people willing to associate their destiny with her.

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Scorpio Dragon
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