Virgo Dragon

Virgo Dragon Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

As much as this strong and sometimes solitary sign can seem distant or self-involved, those close to Virgo Dragon know that they have very big hearts. Like their animal namesake, members of this sign take care of their own first and foremost, and can will defend what they care for with great vigor.

Virgo Dragon genuinely like to help others, though they can be a bit too bossy at times. Others sometimes feel that they have to choose their words carefully with a Virgo Dragon so as not to hurt their feelings. It’s true that this sign can be a bit too aggressive socially, though true friends appreciate their honesty and forthrightness.

Romantic relationships will be tricky. Most Virgo Dragon will toy with love in their youth, but very few will enter into serious partnerships (such as marriage) at an early age. Learning how to balance the love of the self with the love of others is a major theme in the lives of Virgo Dragon. While other aspects in the birth chart will influence the finer details of relationships and compatibility, members of this sign generally tend to repeat the same types of relationships with the same types of people. It is only when they learn to love themselves without needing the approval of others that they will be able to see what they truly need in a partnership. Luckily, most members of this sign will eventually figure this out as long as they can face their fears of rejection and the loss of complete control over a situation.

Virgo Dragon Business (Career & Goals)

When it comes to careers, Virgo Dragon like to do things on a large scale. For example, those who wish to work in the medical field will not be content as an orderly or nurse, even though these are highly important and respectable jobs. Virgo Dragon want the highest degree of respect from others so they are more likely to go after roles of doctors, specialists, and surgeons. It is important to this sign to be viewed as “special”.

There are many roles that Virgo Dragon can play well. The choice of which career to follow is a matter of personal preference. With most signs, it is a sense of inner passion that drives an individual toward a specific career, but in the case of this sign, it can also be a purely intellectual pursuit. Either way, the more each individual can prioritize personal fulfillment over status, money, or authority, the more successful they will be in their chosen career. Good career choices for Virgo Dragon include: auditor, inspector, psychologist, criminal psychologist, doctor, veterinarian, lawyer, computer programmer, astronaut, and architect.

Virgo Dragon Man

A man with a combination of the Virgo and the Dragon signs is distinguished by honesty and decency, scrupulously observes all generally accepted norms and rules. Pretty easy to communicate, while courageous, if necessary, he is able to protect the honor of close people. Women instantly fall under his charm, he seems strong and confident. True, the Dragon-Virgo man is embarrassed by too much attention, but this is a very generous, gallant chevalier. In family life, it manifests itself as a reliable, serious partner, but it can be too strict and exacting. But the bosses always put his responsible approach to business, the desire to achieve the perfect result.

Virgo Dragon Woman

The sphere of interests of the Virgo-Dragon woman is very extensive. Mind, independence, high intelligence, organizational skills — the qualities inherent in the leader. Strives to take place in the profession, gives the work a lot of energy and power. At the same time, a versatile developed personality looks for ways to express their feelings and emotions, takes part in events, exhibitions, concerts with pleasure. But the most important role in her life is played by the family. She faithfully serves her relatives, tries to foresee all their desires. True, both husband and children know about her exactingness, she will never forgive even the most beloved people treachery and deceit. In matters of morality, the Virgo-Dragon woman is very principled.

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Virgo Dragon
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