Aquarius Goat

Of all the animals represented in Chinese Astrology the Goat is probably the most easygoing creature of the 12. Those people born an Aquarian Goat, once every 5 years, will benefit from the gift of this lovely nature and the associated intensified nurturing skills that come with it. These personality types have all the best characteristics for any caring profession and make wonderful parents. The influence of the Goat brings calm and quiet to the constantly bubbling Aquarian mind creating equilibrium. This allows the Aquarian to think more deeply about others and their wellbeing. Instead of being a little selfish as Aquarius is prone to be, these personalities can be extremely caring.

Aquarius Goat Traits

The Aquarian Goat personality is oozing with patience and this is the main area of their character affected by birth in these particular Chinese years. Typical Aquarians are not known for their composure but those born during a Goat year are made exceptions. The level of eccentricity is also slightly higher so Aquarian Goat tend to be more sensitive than other people. These personalities are good at keeping the peace and calming situations down with their friendly soothing manners. They crave a peaceful environment and although they like company the Aquarian Goat will also feel the need for solitude every now and then.

These people are shy to those they do not know well at first but soon relax as friendships develop. The permissive Aquarian Goat is able to converse with many different kinds of people and are skilled communicators. These characters are rarely bored or idle unless they choose to be. These people adore spending money but they do not value possessions above people and are often very generous. The life ambitions of the Aquarian Goat are not aimed too high, he or she is quite content to just go with the general flow.

Those seeking a partner who is more flexible and understanding than most other Aquarians will do well to search specifically for an Aquarian Goat. These individuals born in the eighth cycle of the Chinese astrological ideology have all the intellect of Aquarius without so much of the fierce independence. These personalities do not have such an aversion to relying on others and do not find it too difficult to ask for help when they may need it. They prefer to work in unison with others for the sake of a quiet life. This does not mean that they can be manipulated but simply that they like to make their life as easy as possible.

The carefree Aquarian Goat is happiest when he is helping others in any capacity. He is not happy to be treated unfairly or not to the same degree as he has treated others. These people are easily upset by any uncaring attitude and take great offence to ingratitude. Their weakness is that they expect everyone to have the same consideration for others that they possess. As they get older Aquarian Goat learn to accept that we are all different and that is what makes us so interesting.

Aquarius Goat Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

They know they don’t exactly fit in with the crowd, but those who take the time to get to know an Aquarian Goat find them to be absolutely fascinating. They make great friends, are always interesting, and generally go with the flow. They tend to work best in groups where they can be “the quiet one” and not have too much pressure to be social except when they feel like it. They tend to attract big, often loud personalities who take great joy in being the group leader while Aquarian Goat take great joy in being led. This is not to say they are pushovers, though. They will stick to their guns if situations become uncomfortable for them, and they will say “no” if asked to do something they don’t think is right.

Aquarian Goat will likely have a harder time meeting the right kind of people for them when they are younger. A lot of the reason is because their peers are more interested in following the crowd, while Aquarian Goat don’t mind being outcasts. As others grow up, though, members of this sign will find it easier and easier to build relationships. While they typically draw in more outgoing friends, they usually do best with a partner who is more reserved. They care far more about connecting on a mental level than a physical one, and will seek out someone who they can share ideas with. Aquarian Goat usually end up in long-term relationships and have little to no desire to venture outside of a marriage.

Aquarius Goat Business (Career & Goals)

Careers are tough for an Aquarian Goat, because employers tend to like employees to do things the way they tell them to. This doesn’t really work well for members of this sign, who greatly prefer to do things the way they see best. Usually the Aquarian Goat is right, and their way is better, but exercising this preference doesn’t normally go over well with their boss. On top of that, members of this sign are easily bored with routine, so working in the same place doing the same thing day after day is rarely ever something an Aquarian Goat can stand doing for long.

Having a natural knack for school, Aquarian Goat usually thrive in a collegiate environment, which is good for them because a higher education is usually necessary for the kinds of jobs they would be most happy in. They love solving complex problems, which makes them great physicists, robotic engineers, psychologists, professors, scientists, and doctors.

Not all Aquarian Goats are meant for higher education though. These are typically the more artistic oriented of the sign (versus the more scientifically/intellectually-oriented). Those who have a more artistic bent usually accept having a somewhat boring job that they can do well at without much effort, and spend the rest of their time developing new ideas through art. They are often talented painters, musicians, and writers. Aquarian Goat love science fiction and fantasy, and their artistic interpretations often use these genres as inspiration.

Aquarius Goat Man

Balanced Aquarius-Goats men are hard to get mad, they are peace-loving to everyone around them. They are public people, they work perfectly in a team. They are deprived of ambition, completely unblinded and uninvolved, so it’s quite easy to deal with them. They know how to find a balance between their own crazy fantasies and reality. Rich imagination peacefully neighbors with practicality and discretion, so Aquarius-Goat man is successful and held in life. In a romantic relationship, he fully manifests his sensuality, is a temperamental and passionate partner. However, he has enough tact and patience not to interfere in the affairs of his beloved. He himself loves freedom, so he tries not to harass a wife with reproaches and jealousy.

Aquarius Goat Woman

Light, airy Aquarius-Goat woman likes to hang in the illusory world of her fantasies, but finds the strength to deal with pressing problems. If necessary, she can become a practical, calculating person. She is distinguished by a kind nature, she prefers to see only good in people. Women Aquarius-Goats love communication, know how to be friends, they are devoid of envy, therefore they constantly stay in a beautiful mood. In relationships with men they seek support and understanding, they are fragile enough beings, therefore protection will not hurt them. Will be happy with a man who will take care of all organizational issues and financial support for the family. Do not differ diligence, prefer to live and work in pleasure.

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Aquarius Goat
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