Cancer Goat

The person born with the astrological combination of Cancer and the Goat is believed to be the owner of a very amenable personality. The Western Astrology influenced traits and the centuries old Chinese philosophies indicate that the Cancerian Goat will be quite a loveable character. Being in the company of a Cancerian Goat you are treated to a calm, content, soothing personality. These people acquire a bundle of pleasant attributes making them sweet, kind individuals with lots of time for others. They are usually thoughtful and caring, often naively thinking that everyone else has their level of thought and understanding.

Cancer Goat Traits

Although the Cancerian Goat has a very likeable demeanor he also possesses the tendency to be over nice. Some people may misunderstand this as being too fussy or a sign that the Cancerian Goat is not all they seem to be. This is a little unfair on these personalities who cannot help their naturally friendly helpful approach. These characters hate deception and so generally present themselves just as they are. They ideally prefer to be themselves without having to put up any barriers and so will choose complimentary partners who help them do this. A Cancerian Goat will find it difficult to lie or begin to exagerrate the truth so in general they do not even try to attempt it.

The amiable personality of the Cancerian Goat is happy to go with the flow of life but is not very ambitious. These people are content to simply acquire what they need to be comfortable but not feel the need to be surrounded by possessions. They are not impressed by material wealth preferring the emotional security of friends and family. These particular individuals are often seen working in a voluntary capacity or fundraising for good causes. The Cancerian Goat likes to keep busy enjoying making and repairing items and finding new and more effective ways to do things.

The Cancerian Goat person does not like to spend much of his time alone, these individuals are happiest when among a crowd. They still retain a high prominence of shyness and insecurity to their character and so normally desire company over solitude. These types are more settled when in group situations and are loyal companions. As lovers Cancerian Goat extend their loyalty to its limits. Once attached to a partner they are extremely devoted and protective. They make excellent providers both financially and emotionally within family environments, taking relationships, commitments and responsibilities seriously.

All Cancerian’s are sensitive and easily hurt emotionally, the influence of the Goat in this case unfortunately makes them even more so. Although they may appear outwardly quite in control and happy go lucky, often inside the Cancerian Goat’s character is filled with self doubt. They endeavor to protect themselves emotionally by not becoming too personally involved too soon with others, but are not very good at it. The Cancerian Goat’s personality does not cope well with betrayals of any kind and the scars can take a long time to heal and recover.

Cancer Goat Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Cancer Goats are reasonably social, but they prefer the company of people they know to those they don’t. They can be a bit shy in social situations, but simultaneously prefer the anonymity of a group setting. Cancer Goats make incredible friends and are always willing to help those close to them. Even if they can’t stand their family, they are always family-first and will stop whatever they are doing to help a family member of friend in need. This isn’t always healthy. Cancer Goats need to find a balance between fulfilling their needs and the needs of others. Luckily Cancer Goats can be downright stubborn when they don’t want to do something, but are always tactful about letting others down.

In love, Cancer Goat will have no problem. Because of their shyness they may not date a lot in their early adult years but will eventually come out of their shells enough for others to get to know and love them. Members of this sign make great husbands, wives, mothers, and fathers but also great grandparents or aunts or uncles. They open themselves to anyone they consider family and truly are at their best when they are giving themselves to those they love. The only difficulties a Cancerian Goat might find is with a partner that is overly assertive. Cancer Goat don’t fight back. If anything they just go silent and let bad situations fester. Those born under this sign will need to stay open and communicative with their loved ones to keep small issues from turning into big ones.

Cancer Goat Business (Career & Goals)

Cancer Goat feel best when they are connected with others. Though they tend to be somewhat shy around new people, they enjoy being part of a “flock”. This sign has a natural tendency to take care of their friends and family, but don’t want to be thought of as attention-seeking, so they do best in careers where they can express this love indirectly. Jobs such as gardener, farmer, rancher, chef, or innkeeper all fit the needs of this sign. The dream job for a Cancerian Goat is to own their own country inn and farm where they grow all of the crops they serve to their guests each night. For this same reason they also make fantastic homemakers.

There is also a restless side to Cancer Goat, most commonly seen in their young adult years, that might make staying at home seem a bit too dry. Like their animal namesakes, Cancerian Goats like to move around from time to time, though they never stay away from family for too long. They are curious by nature and there’s nothing wrong with feeding this need, especially when they are young. Some careers work well for them, such as that of an archaeologist, art historian, astrologer, or oceanographer. In these careers Cancer Goat can uncover a deeper understanding of the meaning behind seemingly simple things that others take for granted. Though these career choices may not last for many, those that do stick with them will find great success in their field of choice.

Cancer Goat Man

It is not necessary to wait for decisive actions from the man of Cancer-Goat, he does not like sharp changes in life, moreover, he is afraid of them. Thinks sensibly, to any question comes from a practical point of view, while having a rich imagination and a thin, vulnerable soul. If desired, he could achieve unprecedented heights in his career, but completely devoid of ambition. It is more important for him to live in a comfortable environment. He tries to maintain friendly relations with all people, does not tolerate quarrels and scandals. In love, he manifests himself as a romantic, exquisitely and beautifully cares for women. Cancer-Goat man — a wonderful family man, it gives him great pleasure to communicate with children. This is an understanding and caring husband and father.

Cancer Goat Woman

Fragile, naive Cancer-Goats women literally cry for protection and patronage. They are immediate and emotional, they take criticism seriously. To offend them is very easy, but to gain trust is a difficult task. Cancer-Goat woman brought up, will not scandal and find out the relationship, but will not forgive the lie and betrayal. It is quite an active, energetic person, loves traveling and fellowship, hard to bear loneliness. However, it is difficult to get used to the changes, even a high salary will not force her to change jobs. Also committed to people, will try to keep relations by any means. She is looking for a strong man who can protect her, surround her with love and care.

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