Capricorn Goat

The combination of the character traits of the conventional Western Astrology sign of Capricorn and the Chinese Astrology’s Goat is an interesting blend. A Capricorn Goat personality is believed to be a mixture of the down to earth Capricorn Goat and the slightly hesitant careful Goat. These combined characteristics make the Capricorn Goat rather commonsensical, practical and cautious. They are thought to be bestowed with the pragmatic intelligence and practicality of both personality influencing creatures. This makes Capricorn Goat straightforward personalities who while not overly sensitive or emotional are for the most part respectful of the feelings of others.

Capricorn Goat Traits

A Capricorn Goat is sensible with a matter-of-the-fact attitude to almost everything. They see things in a logical way and can detach themselves from attractive labels or fancy price tags. They have the same approach with people and will not be attracted to anyone who is trying to be something that they are not. A Capricorn Goat does not often fall in love easily, it is sometimes a long process before they begin to appreciate and rely on another. These personalities can quite often be as guarded in personal relationships as they are in every other area of their life. They will often only enter into long term commitments if they are completely convinced that it is with the right person.

The Capricorn Goat’s realistic approach to everything makes then usually fascinating to talk to. They quite like expressing their views but do not like to impose them on other people, they would rather just debate ideas. These are fairly good communicators for Capricorns and the carefulness from the Goat stops them speaking before thinking. Capricorn Goat are often goal orientated and prefer work that allows them to progress. These individuals can make effective business people with their pragmaticality and cool detached personalities. Many may explore and consider self employment as an option. They are very assertive people and so ideally suited to the fast decision making and exciting pace of the world of business.

At home the Capricorn Goat has an even balance in his or her needs for company and privacy and quietness and noise. They single out stylish and luxurious furnishings for their living spaces and love antique furniture or unusual things that have a history. These Capricorn’s can be a bit untidy and lazy at home but this is because it is where they usually feel most at ease. In any spare time the Capricorn Goat likes to travel and experience the freedom to take a complete break from normal routine. They always tend to return refreshed and rejuvenated from their travels.

The efficiency and consistency of the Capricorn Goat’s usual balanced personality has a few tiny weaknesses. These personalities can sometimes be prone to shyness, self doubt and anxiety from the influence of the cautious Goat. These negative traits are likely to appear if the Capricorn Goat has taken on more than he or she can handle business or relationship wise. This will grind them down and a gradual lack of confidence will begin.

Capricorn Goat Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

The Capricorn Goat is a lucky sign, and this luck comes through best in relationships. No matter what, they always have the love and affection of friends and/or family to carry them through. Members of this sign are loyal and dedicated friends who are also sympathetic listeners. As always, they can be hard to know at first, but over time their genuine nature shines through and others realize that there is much, much more to this polite and reserved sign than meets the eye. It can be hard to get them out of the house, but once among their people, Capricorn Goats can keep up with anyone.

Depending on other signs in the birth chart (particularly the position and aspects of Venus), members of this sign may or may not have trouble finding the right partner in romantic relationships. Capricorn Goat work hard and play hard, but a lot of their work is done in the planning stages, so partners might misinterpret their reserved nature as laziness. In truth, Capricorn Goats are just fine in how they approach life and shouldn’t dedicate themselves too heavily to a partner who cannot grasp how their complicated minds work. Those who find true love will recognize it from past life experiences and will happily do the necessary work to make it last.

Capricorn Goat Business (Career & Goals)

Capricorn Goats have the capacity to be leaders, but aren’t fully comfortable in this role. Instead they try to do everything themselves instead of enlisting the necessary help. This is partly because they don’t trust others to do the job right and partly because they don’t feel that they should lead unless they know how to accomplish every task ahead of time. What they fail to realize is that knowing how to accomplish every task ahead of time is extremely unrealistic.

Since Capricorn Goats combine intelligence, creativity, and ambition together, they can pretty much choose any career they want, as long as it resonates with their true nature. The roles most members of this sign play, though, tend to fall into one of three categories.

Financially oriented Capricorn Goats (ones who like to work with money) will have a great deal of success with jobs in finance or economics. Intellectual planning types (who don’t want to work directly with money) make great engineers, geologists, cartographers, and architects. Finally, for those Capricorn Goats who prefer a people-oriented or creative approach will succeed well as event planners, hair stylists, graphic designers, or pediatricians.

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