Gemini Goat

Gemini Goat Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Gemini Goat make some of the best friends you could ever hope for. They are thoughtful and caring when you need them to be, but they also have a lot of fun and interesting topics to discuss. Members of this sign are great listeners and conversationalists, but they don’t reveal much about themselves except to those who are very close to them. They can be offended easily and then bottle it up inside, which can have a corrosive effect on friendships and relationships.

Not surprisingly, Gemini Goat make great romantic partners. They are loyal and trustworthy and are amazing parents. They have a hard time saying “no” when they need to and can get themselves overwhelmed easily. This combined with their anxious nature creates a lot of stress in marriages, at least from their perspective. Of course, their mate may have no idea that they are feeling this way. Gemini Goat need to learn how to say what’s on their mind in order to keep from becoming detached and resentful.

Gemini Goat Business (Career & Goals)

Gemini Goats do best when they have a lot of variety in their careers. They are not meant for a cubicle or tightly structured management styles. Members of this sign thrive when they can share their interests with others. Along with their caring and supportive nature, they make great teachers of any subject as long as it interests them. They are excellent with children, so many become daycare and elementary school teachers. Others become professors of art history, literature, or music. No matter where they choose to teach, they are beloved by their students because they teach from a true child-like excitement for their subject.

Their terrific bedside manner and comforting nature make them great doctors as well, especially pediatricians. Children are drawn to Gemini Goat like magnets, so any career having to do with children is a great fit for this sign. No matter what they choose to pursue, it is critical that a Gemini Goat is interested in the work they do. If not, they will end up depressed and lethargic, and will be missing a lot of the magic that makes them so special.

Gemini Goat Man

Active people, who like passion and risk, are usually of great interest to women. Therefore, the Gemini-Goat men do not lack attention from the opposite sex. They are always cheerful and full of optimism. It’s a pleasure to communicate with such a person. But women who dream of marriage, should know: Gemini-Goat is a man who requires constant monitoring. This unpredictable and hindsight person, easily gets into unpleasant stories. It will be necessary to be constantly near to it and to direct its energy in the necessary channel. At the same time, a woman should be flirtatious and playful, too boring a person will not be interested in this man.

Gemini Goat Woman

Gemini-Goats women possess irrepressible energy, they need to constantly be in motion. Emotional, impressionable natures are too frivolous, often they doubt themselves, but they are strong enough people. Gemini-Goats are talented women, so they choose creative professions. They need a caring partner who will deal with domestic chores and worries while they are busy embodying their plans and fantasies. Women of this type like men, but it is not easy to win their attention. Boring, monotonous relationships cause disgust in them. The elect must be not only a practical person, but also a great original, capable of arranging surprises.

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Gemini Goat
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