Leo Goat

The Leo Goat personality is an excellent mixture of sensible and sensitive personality traits. The realistic common sense of Leo blends well with the perceptive caring qualities and characteristics of the symbolic Goat from old Chinese Astrology. The newer Western Astrology of Leo’s character boosts the Goat’s influence, giving Leo Goat personalities a bit more energy and a little less aggression. This balances out to produce very reasonable and responsible people who are highly conscious of the feelings of others. These are mild mannered Leo’s who are kind and generous with their time and patience.

Leo Goat Traits

A Leo Goat often seems to be more mature than their years with their astute and understanding people skills. These Leo’s seem to learn from an early age how to effectively interact with other people. They tend to carry these abilities into adulthood and become very adept at assessing the emotions of others. This mature perception and their sensible straightforward natures form the basis of the Leo Goat personality. It makes them almost always succesful in attracting the right kind of partners who compliment their own personalities. When they do embark upon close personal relationships these individuals tend to take them seriously.

As the Leo Goat is so finely tuned into the emotions of others they often find themselves inundated with friends. These people are popular as they make friends who can interpret your moods and naturally sense when you may need a shoulder to cry on. Leo Goat are generally immensely family orientated and if they travel they never seem to be absent for long periods. These Leo’s enjoy home cooked food, the warmth of family and friends and especially the comforts of their own bed. They are sometimes reluctant to take up work opportunities that involve travelling long distances from home.

The Leo Goat person most often has quite a large dose of Lion influenced pride to his or her character. Their self-esteem is high and as they also have determined personalities they can have difficulties with accepting rejection, disappointment, or hurt feelings. A Leo Goat usually adopts the view that they themselves are outwardly confident and in control of their emotions. When their pride is injured these Leo’s feel helpless and angry and may be moody and their usual sensibility and maturity may shut off for a while. These individuals have typically optimistic attitudes so never usually take long to bounce back.

One of the main strengths of the Leo Goat personality is their inclination to be very sensible in all they do. This particular trait asset can also be a weakness in these Leo’s characters. Sometimes they can be too sensible for their own good and may miss out on some of life’s fun. As they also tend to be a little shy too so the Leo Goat frequently requires encouragement to let go every now and again. Doing something exciting or totally different to their normal routine can help them relax. Becoming a parent tends to help these personalities loosen up a little and gain a sense of humor.

Leo Goat Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

People love Leo Goats, except for their worrisome habits and indecisive nature. Those who know them well understand this weakness and don’t mind catering to it. They know that beyond the self-doubt is a fun, kind, and inventive personality that never fails to entertain. Leo Goats are very intriguing people, but in a way that others have a hard time describing. When they are on top of their game, nobody is genuinely as charming and delightful as this sign.

Members of this sign have a pretty average time when it comes to love. They attract others with their charm and wit, but begin to act nervous and irrational when others get too close. This can make relationships difficult for all but the most patient and understanding. As Leo Goats age, they become more confident in all areas of their life, including love. They may take some time making their decision, but once they choose a partner, they are loyal for life. Finding someone willing to wait for them to make up their mind is more than half the battle.

Leo Goat Business (Career & Goals)

Despite their tendencies toward nervousness and self-doubt, this is a sign that is meant for the arts. Leo Goats are naturally gifted actors, who have the indescribable X-factor that draws others into their work. Members of this sign are often multi-talented performers who also excel in dance, music, writing, and speaking. They are, in a sense, the complete package for entertaining.

When they are confident and enjoying their work, Leo Goats shine like few others. It’s only when they begin to doubt themselves and their work that they fail to meet their own high expectations. This is also a highly organized sign that can teach, manage, and promote other performers with great ease. This responsibility takes quite a bit of the personal and emotional pressure off of them, and for some Leo Goat makes them feel more balanced and secure. The key challenge in the life of a Leo Goat is to learn to believe in themselves and continue to use all of their talents despite the setbacks that present themselves along the way. Many Leo Goat do their best work later in life than their peers.

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