Libra Goat

Goat are sociable creatures who are described as cautious and mindful personalities in Chinese Astrology. People born in the Year of the Goat are believed to acquire some of this creature’s mild mannered and thoughtful nature. Western Astrology’s Libran’s are characterized as having balanced, fair, kind and tactful traits. So a Libran Goat combination personality is naturally extremely caring and considerate to others. The over cautiousness of the Goat is usually barely present in these individual’s, as the Libran Goat can often be both decisive and occasionally impulsive.

Libra Goat Traits

Libra Goats are very likeable people who tend to look at life with optimism and take a keen interest in the world around them. They are observant, intelligent, alert and sometimes a little overly sensitive. A Libran Goat is neither sociable nor unsociable, they can take or leave company as they value their privacy and do not mind a bit of peace and quiet. They will enjoy jobs that can utilize their fine observation skills or make use of their care and consideration of others. In the home and relationships the diplomacy and respectfulness of these personalities helps them achieve harmony.

These Libran’s are quite ambitious but not too much, they will work hard to obtain the things they need or want. They are not greedy and are generally good with money so they do not usually have many problems with budgeting. The Libran Goat is a good friend and a fantastic listener. These characteristics form a strong foundation for all the Libran Goat’s friendships and personal relationships. The Libran Goat’s thoughtfulness makes them loyal friends and faithful and highly supportive soul mates. They will be devoted and protective to those that they love and care about.

A Libran Goat is good at making decisions as they are inclined to give them a lot of thought beforehand. Their Libran traits make them weigh things up equally and so they are more likely to make good judgments. Sometimes these people can do things without thinking first but this is rare. It does not usually happen with important considerations but more with little decisions like whether to buy something expensive or not. The Libran Goat can be an impulse buyer so is often best taking a friend when on a shopping spree. They may be good at managing their money but have been known to overspend every now and then.

Apart from their tendency to be a little impulsive on infrequent occasions the Libran Goat has one other little weakness. This is their habit of sometimes being that aware and caring that they forget about their own needs. They tend to take other people’s problems on board and worry for them. If they take on too much the Libran Goat can quickly get stressed and their normal equilibrium becomes unbalanced. They may be short tempered if they do not regularly relieve the buildup of stress. To unwind these personalities find pampering treatments and a few quiet early nights in will often help. As they get older they learn to prioritize worries more.

Libra Goat Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Libra Goats tend to have a lot of friends and like to be part of groups where they can socialize without having to be the center of attention. Members of this sign are very supportive of friends and family. They are great listeners and are good at seeing all points of view, which is why they are often the de facto peacemakers amongst their family and friends. They can almost always be counted on to keep a cool head and others respect them for their calmness, grace, and social elegance. Libra Goats are internally emotional and a bit insecure, so they tend to play that role amongst their louder friends. Appearances are important to this sign, so they should exercise moderation when socializing includes alcohol, as they tend to get rather sloppy when intoxicated.

Romantic, long-term relationships are of key importance to this sign. In fact, they are probably too important to this sign as many Libra Goats tend to stick with the first person available rather than risk losing them to find the right partner. In the animal kingdom the Libra Goats relies on a symbiotic relationship with a sea anemone. The anemone shelters and protects the Libra Goat while the Libra Goat cleans, grooms, and cares for the anemone. This is similar to how many human relationships for this sign work. In many cases, members of this sign would love to stay home (perhaps to raise a family) and work on their art while supporting a “breadwinning” spouse’s career. Though this may seem old-fashioned and/or unpopular with others, this setup actually works quite well for Libra Goat, as long as it also works for their partners.

Libra Goat Business (Career & Goals)

To be honest, the real career goal for a Libra Goats is to win the lottery and settle into a life of luxury and relaxation. Considering how rare winning the lottery actually is, it is probably good for members of this sign to have a “backup plan”.

Libra Goats are artists at heart and many enjoy performing despite their inherent shyness. It is, in fact, because of their shyness that they get such a thrill from artistic expression. Ironically since they are not good at expressing themselves in their daily lives, they seem to have an extra ability to express themselves through art and creative endeavors. In this case the perfect career is in whatever field they are talented in and allows them to be creative. Though many will choose art as a career, there are more options that allow them to make money and enjoy their work. Particularly good fits tend to be careers as hairdressers, beauticians, interior designers, or landscapers.

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