Pisces Goat

In an astrological sense, the ancient Chinese believed the Goat to be a sincere peaceful character with a tendency to be a little impressionable. People born in the Year of the Goat are thought to be natural peace makers with kind and caring nature’s. These calming characteristics are well received by the typical Western sign of the over anxious Piscean. The Piscean Goat personality is calm and collected as their sensitivity appears to be more directed towards outwardly rather than inwardly. This gives their personalities an extremely understanding side that is also practical, patient, and not prone to panic.

Pisces Goat Traits

A Piscean Goat individual is usually quite happy to take life in their stride and go with the general flow. These people love the security of home and family and their natural compassionate approach makes them good carers. These Piscean’s tend to like to stay in one place and often settle near their families when deciding on independant living. These personalities are not keen on solitude and much prefer the noisy bustle of the family home. The Piscean Goat personality often opts to have two or three children when they form partnerships rather than just one. As partner’s they are romantic, incredibly loving and responsive and can rarely be accused of neglecting their mate’s feelings or needs.

As the Piscean Goat’s responsiveness is more controlled and not ultra sensitive they can remain calmer when upset. This makes them present themselves as quite mature for their age. The Piscean Goat tends to take on responsibilities early in life and they learn quickly and easily to adapt to new circumstances. These personalities are not fans of traveling but they do like changes of scenery. These Piscean’s will sometimes have a passion for gardening as they have a great appreciation of the beauty and resourcefulness of nature. They also admire fine art and the fascination of old and unusual things like antique furniture and collectors items.

Friends are important to the Piscean Goat and they make excellent friends themselves. They can usually be relied upon to offer a symathetic shoulder to cry on. With their empathetic personalities they supply useful and positive advice. A Piscean Goat person is highly suitable for jobs that require understanding, discrete, and non judgmental personality qualities. These quite finely balanced people are fairly sociable but they value their privacy and highly respect that of others. These types can usually be trusted to keep a secret and are not likely to pass on gossip.

The Piscean Goat can have a weakness in their personality of being too gullible for their own good. As they are very respectful of other people’s feelings and they can sometimes be inclined to be a little too soft. These Piscean’s may have to be let down a few times before they learn to toughen up a bit. A Piscean Goat can be far too trusting and over generous with their loyalty. Many discover through life experiences how to not rush into anything without thinking it through carefully first.

Pisces Goat Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Members of this sign enjoy being social, but also need a fair amount of time alone with their thoughts. Even if they have a career where they have to be the center of attention, Piscean Goats prefer to be on the sidelines of social situations. They prefer groups of like-minded individuals where they can share thoughts and ideas, particularly about esoteric topics that few others share their passion for. People like Piscean Goats because they are kind, giving, nurturing, and interesting. They are always well-mannered and well-dressed for social gatherings.

While friendships are easy for this sign, romantic relationships tend to be much more complicated. Piscean Goats believe that what brings them success in their friendships should apply to their love lives, but this rarely ends up working. Those born under this sign tend to be attracted to their opposites, which naturally creates conflict in the relationship. They are loving and romantic, but also disorganized and absent-minded, which their partners (who are probably the opposite) are likely to find annoying. Add to that their immense sensitivity and you’ve got a big challenge on your hands. Luckily, Piscean Goats are resilient and believe that anything is possible. They have kind hearts and are always willing to make things right.

Pisces Goat Business (Career & Goals)

All Piscean Goats have a keen artistic sensibility. Many are artists, actors, musicians, dancers, illustrators, and painters, but even those who aren’t are at the very least appreciators of art. They may or may not do it professionally, but you would be hard pressed to find a Piscean Goat who didn’t have an opinion on architecture, design, interior decorating, or art history. Each one could be an art critic in his or her own right, but they would rather spend their time creating than criticizing.

This is not a sign known for having a very long attention span, so choosing a career where one has to sit in one place and focus for long periods of time is probably a bad idea. Piscean Goats need to take on several different projects each day, and if those projects help others than all the better. This is a sign who knows what their interests are and should try to find a career that fits those interests. The wrong career will ultimately lead to frustration, depression, and anxiety, no matter how hard they try to make it fit.

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