Scorpio Goat

The influence of the Goat from Chinese Astrology on the Western sun sign of Scorpio is believed to be one of great calming. The typical Scorpio is described as most often highly sexed and often flirtatious. The presence of the Goat calms this steamy passionate side making it more responsively emotional. The Scorpio Goat is just as affectionate as other Scorpio’s but can be so much more romantic. They seem to have a real appreciation and sentiment for the feelings and needs of others as well as their own. This natural consideration for other people makes a Scorpio Goat a very loving and giving personality.

Scorpio Goat Traits

A Scorpio Goat usually has a cheerful disposition that likes to be around others and loves to chat. They are very adept at fitting in with new circles of friends and changes of environment. As these personalities are naturally composed and take life at a steady pace they will rarely suffer from health issues. The Scorpio Goat often has a sensible attitude with money but they do enjoy splashing out every now and again. In work they are able and just as happy to do their job within a group situation or alone. Leisure time is often spent simply relaxing with at home a good book or movie.

Scorpio Goat do not like to go through life on their own and place a lot of importance on personal relationships. So they tend to put a lot into them and make highly attentive, considerate and committed partners. They will value the security, understanding and warmth that long term soul mate partnerships can deliver. Their sentimental approach to affairs of the heart helps them try to keep the romance alive in a relationship. Unlike other Scorpio’s these particular personalities will display and practice a huge amount of loyalty and fidelity in committed relationships.

These personalities seem to use their intuition to make most decisions and can sometimes make hasty judgments. They are not keen on having lots of responsibility at work and will usually opt for less stressful occupations. Many Scorpio Goat choose driving or manufacturing type jobs. These Scorpio’s like to finish their work and not have to think about it again until the next day. They appreciate partner’s who agree with their ideology on the importance of work and home life balance. However they do expect their spontaneity in the relationship to be still welcomed and accommodated. So partners will be expected to drop everything if a Scorpio Goat decides to surprise them with something different.

The Scorpio Goat individual only really has a couple of weaknesses to their pleasant personalities. These are the tendencies to be disorganized and sometimes to be extremely lazy. Neither of these cause any major problems but they can be very irritating character traits. These Scorpio’s can be a little stubborn and do not like criticism so will dislike being reminded of their little faults. As they get older a Scorpio Goat most often learns to be a bit more organized but the proneness to idleness generally remains.

Scorpio Goat Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Scorpio Goats aren’t very social by nature, but still enjoy having like-minded friends around. Most likely they will keep only a handful of friends around and keep a polite distance from everyone else. While others may tell them to be more social, Scorpio Goats know that they need a good deal of time alone. Their best friends will be ones who share their interests and listen to their dreams. Scorpio Goats have a tendency to be over-sensitive and hold grudges. They would be wise to challenge this natural tendency, as most of the time others don’t even know that they have offended them.

Though they tend to be loners, all Scorpio Goats want to fall in love and be dedicated to someone. While it may not seem their nature, they are deep down romantics who want little more than a sweet, romantic relationship with a person they can trust. Because they have a hard time trusting people, a certain amount of maturity is necessary before they can find the right partner for them. Scorpio Goats are not as confident in relationships as they are with their work, yet they are loyal and committed partners who do best with someone who can bring out their lighter side while letting them be themselves.

Scorpio Goat Business (Career & Goals)

Finding the right career is probably going to be a struggle for a lot of Scorpio Goats. It’s not unusual for members of this sign to find their calling at a young age. The success that follows can be both a blessing and a curse, as the priorities of Scorpio Goat are likely to change quite a bit during their lifetimes. It’s most likely that the desire to grow their own empire will drive them quite a bit in their youth, but deep down the stress and pressure of being in the top seat will eventually take its toll. A certain level of anonymity is required for this reserved and sensitive sign.

There is no one career choice that fits this sign. The other aspects in each individual Scorpio Goat’s birth chart will help determine which direction is a good fit with his or her nature. That said, here is a list of potential career options that are most likely better than others: actor, analyst, art history teacher, bill collector, biochemist, censor, coroner, criminologist, dancer, daycare teacher, debtor, detective, distiller, diver, doctor, editor, enforcer, excavator, florist, funeral director, garbage collector, hair stylist, hypnotist, illustrator, insurance agent, interior designer, investigator, investor, lab technician, landscape gardener, miner, musician, painter, pathologist, pediatrician, plumber, private investigator, psychiatrist, psychologist, researcher, scientist, security guard, surgeon, tax collector, television presenter, undertaker, union leader, vocational counselor.

Scorpio Goat Man

Scorpio-Goats men are energetic, purposeful people. They like to solve complex problems, although they often neglect their official duties, work according to their mood. Selfish and self-confident, even the most formidable bosses will not be able to force them to act against their will. But they themselves manipulate people perfectly. These are powerful men, rather scornful towards surrounding people, including their fans. And women literally deify charismatic Scorpions-Goats, their natural magnetism and sexuality can not leave indifferent even the most strict, discerning ladies. In love relationships do not differ loyalty and constancy, often change partners.

Scorpio Goat Woman

Communicating with Scorpion-Goats women — a complete pleasure, but living with them is much more difficult. They are interesting, intelligent companions, a bit impulsive, but this only gives them fascination. However, in a love relationship Scorpio-Goat women are capricious, selfish, unpredictable. They like to drive men mad, and they do not do it on purpose. They simply can not fully understand their feelings and desires. They are stubborn, hardworking, but at the same time lazy and irresponsible. Emotional, sensual nature can be cold, prudent, if it comes to the need to make a choice. They will be able to find happiness with a man capable of condescendingly treating the quirks of these beautiful, unpredictable persons.

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