Taurus Goat

Taurus Goat Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Members of this sign make loyal and sincere friends. Though they may seem a bit reserved or disinterested, they are actually very caring and sympathetic. Taurus Goat like to exude a cool, calm exterior are uncomfortable breaking that illusion, even if others know it is just a front. They want to be as giving as possible, but are also constantly worried about their own personal and financial security above all. They keep their own neurosis hidden deep inside, but that doesn’t mean that their fears and insecurities don’t show. Taurus Goat need their space as much as they need to be around others, so they usually only keep a select group of friends close to them.

Taurus Goat have a very specific style when it comes to romance. They prefer long, slow, steady growth with another person rather than a fiery and dramatic fling. Sweet, gentle, and nurturing, this is a sign that has a lot of love to give and just needs to find someone who appreciates what they have to offer. Many Taurus Goat will have trouble finding the right partner at a young age simply because many other young men and women have unrealistic views of what makes a successful partnership. Members of this sign know instinctively what they really want and should not be in any kind of hurry to rush into relationships that can’t give them what they need. If you are a young Taurus Goat wondering why you don’t seem to relate to anyone, don’t worry, you just need to wait a little longer for everyone else to mature.

Taurus Goat Business (Career & Goals)

Those born under the sign of the Taurus Goat are both intelligent and artistic, but are not very entrepreneurial. Though they like to spend time alone, they ultimately prefer working in groups and having a specific role to play. Unlike other signs, Taurus Goat don’t mind routine, in fact it often provides exactly the sense of comfortable security they need. On the other hand, members of this sign like money and are good with it (though they tend to overspend a little too often).

Most people who know a Taurus Goat would be surprised at how artistic they are. This is a (usually) hidden talent that they keep to themselves but one which is important in maintaining a sense of balance and happiness. The three best creative career choices for this sign are musician, dancer, and florist, though they can also have great success as a painter, gallery owner, or museum guide. In fact, old art is often more attractive to them than new art, which is why many become an art history teacher, antique dealer, or auctioneer.

For those who are less interested in an artistic career, Interior and furniture design also fit this sign well as do daycare teacher or pediatrician. For those who seek to make as much money as possible, a career in finance is a natural fit as well, thanks to the sun’s influence in Taurus. Many successful Investment analysts, real estate agents, and venture capitalists share the sign of the Taurus Goat.

Taurus Goat Man

Charming Taurus-Goat man like women, they are attracted by his discretion, calm nature. He knows how to make compliments, loves to give flowers and lovely trinkets. However, the Taurus-Goat is a man doubting, not quite sure of himself. It shows unnecessary anxiety on the most insignificant occasions. He does not like to make responsible decisions, but as a performer he is irresistible. Responsible approach to the matter, shows diligence, although with him and there are bouts of laziness. In general, the personality is ambiguous, requiring attention and care. From it can turn out a good family man, who will be happy to do homework and fiddle with children.

Taurus Goat Woman

A brilliant Taurus-Goat woman drives men mad. She adores spectacular outfits and jewelry, it is important for her to look perfect and see the admiration in the eyes of the fans. At the same time she is hardworking and diligent, with great energy and enthusiasm, she takes up work that she likes. A spouse can count on her support, this is a very faithful woman. Taurus-Goat is looking for peace in the family, here she feels completely safe. She loves and appreciates her loved ones, for the sake of their well-being will fight to the end. She has an inexhaustible supply of energy and optimism, likes to shine in society, but for the sake of her husband and children, she easily forgets her ambitions. To fulfill the role of an ideal housewife and caring mother, it will not be difficult.

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