Virgo Goat

The Goat is naturally fussy and particular in their mannerisms and this was well recognized in ancient Chinese Astrology. People born in the Goat designated astrological years are thought to receive some of their fussiness and precise and decisive characteristics. In Western Astrology the sign of Virgo is typically meticulous, sensitive and a little bossy. When all these character traits are combined, the Virgo Goat will usually be an organized, calm and positive personality. These Virgo’s are still very finicky but their keen eye for detail appears redirected to focus on ambitions rather than other people’s disorganization.

Virgo Goat Traits

A Virgo Goat needs to feel loved and useful and can sometimes feel quite lost when leaving home for the first time. Although these are independent personalities they can still crave the security of their families way past their teen years. They usually greatly admire and respect their parents and so generally make excellent mothers and fathers themselves. When choosing a soul mate the Virgo Goat occasionally looks for older people or those with a mature and responsible attitude. Like with everything in their lives they make precise decisions when they are ready to commit and will stick to them.

The Virgo Goat personality will often train for a skill that will enable them to earn enough to have a comfortable lifestyle. These personalities do not like to struggle to get by and will consider some form of self employment if they cannot find suitable work. They like to keep busy and be always working towards some of the things they want to achieve in life. Partners will have to be supportive and encouraging of this ambitious streak to gain the reverence of a Virgo Goat. Support towards their goals will be immensely appreciated, remembered and always repaid more than equally.

These composed and optimistic personalities are inclined to do well in life if they are given the freedom and opportunities to do so. They put a lot of effort into everything and the Virgo perfectionist in them drives them into to completing one thing before starting another. The Virgo Goat has a tendency to be fairly good with money probably because they can be rather stingy with it. They have to see real value in an item to be interested in buying it. A Virgo Goat will frequently want to examine and weigh up it’s worth before paying for anything. They can be generous every now and then if you catch them celebrating something.

Besides being a little too goal-orientated the Virgo Goat has one other tiny weakness to his or her personality. They are prone to, on occasion, speaking bluntly and without a thought about the possible outcome. They will soon rectify this when they realize their words have upset someone but it can be irritating. They will sometimes blurt out what others are also thinking but would not dream of saying out loud. This is not an intentional personality trait and the majority of these Virgo’s will train themselves to try not to do it.

Virgo Goat Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Nobody is more kind and helpful than a Virgo Goat. They make caring, sentimental friends who deeply want to help those close to them. Sometimes their eagerness to help make others better can come across as controlling or bossy, but this is not their intention. In truth, members of this sign have great intuition and often have a unique perspective on situations which can be of great use to their friends and family. While Virgo Goats enjoy social situations, they also need time alone. They are independent and perhaps a bit self-involved. When out of balance they can become closed off and moody, and will retreat until they can pull themselves together again.

Long-term relationships with Virgo Goats can be complicated. They practically exude charm and romance which always draws admirers with ease. Relationships will move quickly and with great passion, but most end up fizzling out just as quickly. This is a highly intelligent sign that leads with logic and reason, except in love. Virgo Goats let themselves fall hard until things get serious and the real world comes back into view. When this happens, they start running through future scenarios again and it all comes crashing down.

Luckily, this is a trait that lessens with age, and most Virgo Goat will eventually settle down and find the perfect partner, but only after they have learned how to stabilize themselves. Those born under this sign must learn how to take charge of their emotions, for these are what can truly make or break their success in any relationship. A focused, calm, and positive-minded Virgo Goat is unstoppable in any undertaking - even love.

Virgo Goat Business (Career & Goals)

Careers are often where Virgo Goat put most of their energy. Even those who don’t need to work for a living still have long-term goals that are just as important to them. They imagine a unique task suited just to them and strive, more than anything, to find out what it is and get started on it. In truth, each Virgo Goat does have a unique purpose in life, and picking a single career for this Primal Zodiac sign is impossible. There are infinite possibilities for this sign, all which are achievable with their innate intelligence and creativity. A major life goal of every Virgo Goat will be to figure out what their purpose is, which ironically causes them a great deal of mental stress and confusion.

Most Virgo Goats will find their purpose in serving others, though this can be in the most broad and abstract sense. One may find great joy building orphanages in Africa while another may serve her community by creating deeply personal works of art. Many will go to school to become doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and psychologists. It will be a unique path for each one.

If there is one scenario where Virgo Goats seem to naturally shine it is with children. Their helpfulness and patience are never at their better than when helping children either learn, heal, or otherwise improve. Members of this sign don’t second-guess themselves when they are focused on others and can finally quiet their minds. Some careers that work well are pediatrician, school teacher, daycare worker, or even children’s television host.

Virgo Goat Man

The Virgo-Goat man seeks to achieve the ideal in all spheres of life. But he can not be called a boring and too correct person; on the contrary, he is a cheerful person and an optimist. Do not pretend to any exceptional role, just live and enjoy everything that is happening around. To the extent of industrious, responsible, does not give people around trouble. True, the man Virgo-Goat makes quite high demands on his chosen one. He should see next to a well-groomed, attractive woman, and intelligent and educated, besides ready to share his hobbies. The search for the ideal partner may be delayed, but the man of this combination of signs does not lose heart. The family should be its reliable rear, therefore to a question of marriage it approaches seriously.

Virgo Goat Woman

Cheerful Virgo woman, born in the year of Goat, seems to be a carefree, charming creature. With her it’s really easy and simple, but under the appearance of a nice little girl, a pragmatic person hides. Of course, the Virgo-Goat women do not bypass the excitement and emotions, but they are aimed at an ideal result, so they are able to cope with the panic mood. Excellent control over their actions and everything that happens around. In the companions of life they try to choose a solid man who can provide support. Although falling in love, they will not especially understand how selective they are like companions of life. This is quite emotional and passionate nature, so boldly follow their desires.

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