Aquarius Horse

Western Astrology describes any Aquarian as a very creative individual with a brilliant imagination. Add to this the person being born in the Chinese Year of the Horse and you have one of the most imaginitive of personalities who is full of foresight. This particular astrological pairing produces individuals who are dreamy and inventive but with the Horses steady reliable features. This mixture usually creates people who find it easy to switch their way of thinking to fit the situation. An Aquarian Horse character dislikes change but copes with it well with their great adaptation skills.

Aquarius Horse Traits

Although the Aquarian Horse has his head in the clouds some of the time he can quickly snap out of it when needed. The Chinese influence of the Horse helps balance out this free spirited personality making them extremely practical too. Emotionally these types are strongly independent and so may take a while to commit when it comes to close relationships. As friends they are loyal and will always give you an honest answer if you ask for advice. One of the main characteristics of the Aquarian Horse is their search for the truth. These intellectual people do not take kindly to any kind of deception in any area of their lives.

The personality of the Aquarian Horse is believed to mainly consist of a friendly, hard working, self relient person. The addition of the awesome imagination makes them never short of conversation and always full of new ideas. These people possess good problem solving skills. They will utilise their Aquarius intelligence and the Horses steadfast pace to work through issues and come up with viable solutions. In their personal life and chosen vocation this is a real asset. The Aquarian Horse strives for success in all he takes on, being able to quickly learn new skills and easily multi task. In close relationships they are usually supportive, faithful and tolerant.

Imaginative as he is the Aquarian Horse is generally a passionate lover who loves to please. Due to their fierce independence these mates may be reluctant to devote themselves to a long term commitment too easily. However when they do decide to settle down it will be with permanence in mind. Money and material possessions are not an important consideration for these Aquarians, they understand moneys necessity but do not value it too highly. They like to see and own nice things but do not feel the need to be surrounded by them.

The typical Aquarian Horse persona displays lots of redeeming qualities but these are not always presented in a permanent flow. Sometimes these personalities take on too much and their best features may diminish. The Aquarian stubborn independent streak rises to the surface and overtakes the Horse’s usual calming, steadying influence. People with an Aquarian Horse in the family soon learn to recognize the signs of over tiredness that can lead to the occasional temper tantrum. These individuals benefit from friends and lovers that gently remind them to slow down a little to overcome this weakness.

Aquarius Horse Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Aquarius Horse make great friends as long as you don’t expect too much from the relationship, and they don’t expect too much from you. You can’t keep an Aquarius Horse in one place for too long, unless it’s their idea to be there. It’s easy for others to wonder if the Aquarius Horse has been listening to their problems at all, but they will be surprised to find that Aquarius Horses are kind-hearted and always have advice to give, which is usually thoughtful and relevant.

In love, Aquarius Horses tend to fall fast and fall hard. Love at first sight is more common for this sign than most others. Once members of this sign give of themselves, they give fully, a trait which can backfire if their mate is not as instantly passionate as they are, or if the two are simply not a very good match. Aquarian Horses can end up heartbroken and resentful, but this rarely seems to prevent them from falling in love again quickly. Like much of their impetuous nature, this trait should ease with age, which is why many Aquarius Horses end up finding their true life partner later in life than their peers.

Aquarius Horse Business (Career & Goals)

Aquarius Horses should not choose a job that requires them to go to the same place at the same time and do the same thing every day. The life of an Aquarius Horse is about the experience, not the big plan, which is why despite their very high intelligence, they typically don’t do well in school; They’re just not interested in sitting in lectures long enough to get a degree. While this certainly limits their career options, there are still many choices for the Aquarius Horse, as long as they don’t think too hard about it.

Aquarius Horses make naturally great salespeople. They excel at the social aspect of the job, and may find a sense of fulfillment in the job. This is particularly true if they believe in the product or service they are selling. It’s also even better if an Aquarius Horse is left to their own capable devices. In this respect, they tend to feel comfortable and are more successful than if they were made to sit in a cubicle making cold calls all day.

Members of this sign are also members of the Aquarius zodiac sign, which means they have an inherent desire to help others. This is why a sense of purpose is particularly important to them. For those Aquarius Horses who hear the call to humanitarian aid, a career as a charity fundraiser could provide exceptional meaning to their lives. Of course, they will not make as much money as their salesperson sign mates, but they may gain an even stronger sense of life purpose.

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